06 September 2007

2007 Week 1 Picks

Welcome to the opening of the 2007 football season, Eagles fans! Can I just say: ENOUGH WITH THE HYPE ALREADY! COULD WE JUST START THE DAMN GAME? (which will hopefully be better than that awful national anthem)

OK, so my picks for week one are as follows:

Season opener
Saints/Colts: This is going to be a major shoot out. Think we'll see a combined score over 100 points? Could happen. Could also be a Super Bowl preview, I hear, but since I didn't pick the Colts for the playoffs, maybe not. But I'm picking the Colts tonight.

The Sunday games
Eagles/Packers: Please! Has Vicodin Boy ever won a game against us in the Big Red/Big D era? And that's not gonna change this weekend either.

Chiefs/Texans: Supposedly the Texans are better this year. I certainly hope so. Chiefs.

Dolphins/Skins: Most Painful Game of the Week? Nah...there are worse things coming. The Dolphins finished 6-10 in AFC East last year, and the Skins finished 5-11 in NFC East. 'Nuff said. Dolphins.

Broncos/Bills: Look for Champ Bailey to have a big day. Broncos.

Panthers/Rams: Look, the NFC West is pathetic. But the NFC South is now more pathetic. And Jake Delhomme looked seriously shaky in the pre-season. Julius Peppers remains the Terrifying Sack Machine, but I don't think it will be enough. Rams. PS - thanks for Kevin Curtis. I think he'll do well in Philly.

Steelers/Browns: Remember how the Browns managed to pick up Brady Quinn because he hung around surprisingly long in the draft this spring? Yeah, they're still starting Charlie Frye. Steelers, in a potential blow out.

Falcons/Vikings: What, is this these two teams' community service gig for the week? The Falcons are a complete mess at this point. Feel bad for new head coach Bobby Petrino. The Vikings are pretty sorry too, but not as sorry as the Falcons. Vikings.

Titans/Jaguars: Don't let me down, Vince Young. I've (perhaps foolishly) picked your team to win the division. Of course I'm going to call Titans.

Patriots/Jets: Don't let me down, Jets. I've (perhaps foolishly) picked your team to win the division. Of course I'm going to call Jets.

Lions/Raiders: Ugh. How can there be a game that will be this bad this early? Most Painful Game of the Week. The Raiders were 2-14 last year, and the Lions were 3-13. I'm going with the Raiders, simply because they play in the AFC.

Bears/Chargers: No way Rex & da Bears get it together enough to stop the LT TD train. Chargers.

Bucs/Seahawks: Sorry, Chuckie, even lucking into two of our warriors won't help you. Seahawks. PS - good luck to you, Trot and Garcia.

Giants/Cowboys: The only way the Cowboys lose this game is if they miss the plane. Oh wait. They're playing in Dallas. Maybe the Giants could figure out a way to lock them in the locker room? Or tell them the game got moved to 4 pm? Or Monday night?

Ravens/Bengals: Ravens over the Blazing Saddles team.

Cardinals/49ers: Huh? Is anyone going to stay up to see this? 49ers.

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