09 September 2007

2007 Week 1 Live Blogging - End of the 3rd Quarter

They're just doing this to keep it exciting, right? Why are we letting the Packers, THE PACKERS for God's sake, hang around with us?

How in the hell did we let them get away with that last drive? On the up side, Favre's starting to pull his usual stupid shit, but on the down side, he's getting away with it. AARRRRGGHH!!

Tied up, 4th quarter, it's time to BRING it.

PS to Buck - CATCH first, THEN run. I know you're a running back so this isn't your forte, but you can write it on your sleeve if you need to.

PS to all of you - if you've never watched a game from Chickie's & Pete's Packer Avenue, you haven't lived.

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