09 September 2007

2007 Week 1 Live Blogging - End of the 1st Quarter

MMMOOOOO.....mentun shift. I hope.

OK, the Packers have basically stolen their points to date. What is with that head ref? How was that TD allowed? See, as I understand the game, you have to actually give the guy who's back for the punt the chance to catch the punt before you hit him. Also, it sure looked to me like Greg Lewis was trying to call a fair catch. So that's a whole lotta BS. I have no idea why Andy didn't challenge.

Oh - and then there was that crap INT. Bad communication between Hank Baskett and McNabb? Don't know, but it sure sucked.

Nice catch by Kevin Curtis, though.


Ah, Akers just had to take the 3. At least we're back to a single possession game. Still, our offense is really sputtering so far.

More at the half....

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