09 September 2007

2007 Week 1 Live Blogging - At the Half

OK, that was a nice drive we put together to get that TD. 5 minutes off the clock, nice mix of run and pass, couple guys involved (LJ, Westy, Avant). Our D was giving me fits on that last series, though. Having the D that gives up the most 3rd-and-longs in the league is not something to brag about. And having a D that can't make stops at important times - like when the other team is driving at the end of the half or the game - is even less brag-worthy. Still, although we allowed some key completions, we got a nice sack and did enough to keep the Pack out of range. Crisis averted.

Speaking of range, I would be remiss if I didn't congratulate the Packers' rookie kicker Mason Crosby on that 53 yard boot. Doesn't help us any, but still, way to start your pro career, kid.

All in all, I feel pretty comfortable going into the locker room tied up. Favre's going to start getting frustrated - well, OK, more frustrated - in the second half and start throwing up some more of those crazy jump balls. Odds are, Lito and Sheldon will come down with more than their fair share. Which should work out well for us.

Two items of concern: Kearse pulled up lame after that big sack on Favre (looked like Cole might have fallen into him) and Dawk seems to be MIA so far. Both situations bear watching.

Next post at the end of the 3rd....

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