16 August 2007

It's the 2007 Pre-Season, Baby!

Eagles at Ravens, Monday, August 13, 2007

Welcome to the 2007 pre-season, peeps! Sorry this is a few days delayed, but I was in Chicago on business and wasn't able to see the game until I got home last night. Being in Chicago and on a trip that involved a lot of evening "networking" (aka "shots"), I didn't even get to see much of the nationally-televised 49ers/Broncos matchup. I did however see enough to deduce that Jaws was frappin' brilliant. And not just in comparison to the clearly-took-too-many-shots-to-the-head-in-his-playing-days Joe Theismann. Thank heavens we'll actually be able to enjoy some informed, intelligent commentary this year.

Monday was Chef Spouse's birthday and NOT ONLY was he on his own because I was in Chicago, BUT that game was, um, not exactly our most brilliant work ever. Thanks a lot, guys. I suspect he'll get a lot more satisfaction out of the CIA Soup Book I got him than that mess. Yeah, I know Big Red doesn't care about the pre-season (in fact, we rarely win pre-season games under the current coaching regime), and we're just trying to get a look-see at EVERYONE in a game situation, but that was some sorry, sorry playing.

Of course, the Eagles didn't seem to be the only ones who weren't quite prepared for the start of the 2007 pre-season...

Dear Ravens commentators: David Akers did not shank his first FG attempt. It was CLEARLY diverted by one of the Ravens in a near-block. Also: OUCH! Wouldn't that really hurt your hand?

Dear refs: hee-hee-hee, yeah, Sav Rocca gets to be featured on SportsCenter's Jacked Up! segment in his very first game. However, you might want to note that it was a TOTALLY ILLEGAL helmet-to-helmet hit and should have resulted in a 15 yard personal foul penalty on Antwan Barnes, rather than penalizing Gasperson, who was just getting a little payback. Pay attention, zebras! On the up side, Sav's obviously a tough mo-fo. Big leg, too. Dear Dirk: nice knowing you. Of course, Aussie rules footy does not even include helmets, so Sav probably wasn't too fussed at losing his.

In other news, McDougle's hurt again...Moats is out for the season...I'm guessing that's the last we'll see of either of those two. Anyone have any news on LJ? Anybody heard about Lito's recovery progress? What about Westy's sore knee? Dawk's problems? I know AR's not going to be forthcoming....

And what have we learned so far? Not much, other than as usual there's a bunch of new guys whose names I'm going to have to learn.

And don't forget BloggerCon2007 - I'll be there. Will you?

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