21 August 2007

Farewell to the Axeman

I step away from my computer for a few hours to go to meetings with potential clients, and the Front Office decides to drop a bomb on us!

There's already been some good stuff written on the Trot situation - here, here, here, and here for instance - but I do have a few things to add.
  1. I predicted this back in January.
  2. So did Jaws.
  3. People, remember that we have the second most unsentimental Front Office in the NFL (still holding down the top spot: Bill Belichick's Patriots.)
  4. When Trot left at the end of the 2001 season, he was the goat. Now he's leaving a hero. And it's sad, but homey's best days are clearly behind him (see above, point 3).
Axeman, I'm not sure what your next move is, but I think we all wish you the very best. We'll miss you.

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