31 August 2007

2007 Preseason: Game 4

Eagles v. Jets, Thursday, August 30

No, I haven't actually watched the game yet. The Redskins loss to the Jaguars was broadcast locally. But I'm not even sure I'm going to bother. Weren't all the real players at Dawk's eating hot wings and watching Happy Gilmore?

No, what I'm really writing about is this statement from Les Bowen's column in today's Inquirer:
So the meaningless fourth preseason game stays with us, for now.
I feel compelled to point out that it has nothing to do with whether it's the fourth, second, tenth, or hundredth pre-season game - whichever one is LAST is always going to be meaningless. No matter how the NFL Powers That Be decide to tweak the schedule, coaches will ALWAYS hold the starters out of the last pre-season game before the regular season starts. And as a professional sportswriter, you'd think ole Les could figure that out.


So, Eagles fans, should I search for Eagles/Jets on the NFL Network and devote a few hours of what promises to be a gorgeous Labor Day weekend to watching it, or should I bag it in favor of concentrating on putting together my typically incorrect divisional picks? You make the call...

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