22 August 2007

2007 Preseason: Game 2

Eagles v. Panthers, Friday, August 17, 2007

It's pre-season, a lot of starters don't even dress out, the coaches are mostly testing the rookies and new guys, nobody's really taking it seriously other than the guys who are trying to graduate off the practice squad, yackity-smackity. But we won!

But it is pre-season, so I'm not doing a full recap. I skipped blogger training camp in favor of drinking margaritas by the pool and don't want to pull a synapse by starting too fast.

A few notes:

D-Mac looked good for the couple of series he played. More importantly, he got knocked down and bounced right back up. That brace is pretty scary looking, though. As I can attest from years of running, once you're wearing hardware like that all the time, it pretty much becomes a permanent part of your leg. I hope Big D's OK with that.

I can't believe it was Trot's last game. It really bums me out that Dawk sat. Those two seem to have a really tight friendship. It's a shame they didn't get to play together one last time.

LITO! So good to see you back! Think you can pull off a INT returned for a TD per game this year? 'Cause that would be awesome. Thanks, babe. And call me about the cookies. Seriously.

Sav Rocca has one hell of a leg. And Akers seems to be OK with him holding, which is good. See ya, Dirk. Watching the two of them together is hilarious, though. Sav's at least a foot taller than our diminutive kicking superstar. They hugged after the game opening 52 yarder, and Akers barely cleared Sav's belt buckle.

Speaking of kickers, if Trot was cut so we can keep Dirk Johnson, I will be royally pissed.

Want to know what else pissed me off? The NFL Network, I guess in a bid for equity, broadcast the first half of the game with play-by-play provided by ETN commentators Ike Reese, Gus Johnson, and Dave Spadaro who talked about the teams, the players, the coaches, the plays. Yeah, maybe it was a little Eagles-centric, but they actually talked about, you know, the GAME. After the half, the commentary switched to Panthers sportscasters. Who proceeded to spend the entire third quarter interviewing some guy. Look, I know y'all were getting whupped, but sack up and call the game. Some of us are actually watching it.

Sadly, the Panthers TV commentators returned to calling the game in the fourth quarter, by which point it looked like it was being played by oversized Pop Warner teams. I kept wanting to yell: "No, your goal is the other way. THE OTHER WAY, DUDE!" It was pretty entertaining, particularly since the game didn't matter.

On to the Steelers....

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