21 May 2007

McNabb Trade Rumors

Courtesy of Shoegal:

Super shuffle? McNabb, Briggs swap makes sense - Rumors - NFL - Yahoo! Sports


Look, Kevin Kolb may turn out to be the second coming of Tom Brady, but he's never taken a SINGLE snap in the NFL. And we're going to trade the guy who took us to 4 NFC Championship games in a row, and was on pace to break pretty much every single-season QB record on the books before getting injured last year when WE'RE still trying to make it to the Super Bowl?

Dear Yahoo! Sports/Philadelphia Inquirer: please put down the crack pipe and step away.

You HAVE marked Sunday, September 9 on your calendar and started making plans to join me and the other Eagles Bloggers at Chickie & Pete's, right? What are you waiting for?

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