21 May 2007

McNabb Trade Rumors

Courtesy of Shoegal:

Super shuffle? McNabb, Briggs swap makes sense - Rumors - NFL - Yahoo! Sports


Look, Kevin Kolb may turn out to be the second coming of Tom Brady, but he's never taken a SINGLE snap in the NFL. And we're going to trade the guy who took us to 4 NFC Championship games in a row, and was on pace to break pretty much every single-season QB record on the books before getting injured last year when WE'RE still trying to make it to the Super Bowl?

Dear Yahoo! Sports/Philadelphia Inquirer: please put down the crack pipe and step away.

You HAVE marked Sunday, September 9 on your calendar and started making plans to join me and the other Eagles Bloggers at Chickie & Pete's, right? What are you waiting for?

03 May 2007

Everybody just take a big breath...

Responses to the drafting of Kevin Kolb have been, well, not positive. Booed on draft day, I've heard/read:

"Worst draft pick in the history of the NFL draft."


"Fire Tom Heckert."

"Fire Andy Reid." (of course, because every time we WIN a game some yahoo calls for this)

"Fire Ron Jaworski." (uh, dude, he works for ESPN)

"I have no reason to live."

You know who else was the worst pick in the history of the draft, according to the fans? Donovan McNabb. And, haters aside, that's working out pretty well so far. Sure, he's not Tom Brady, but he's also not David Carr - or Akili Smith. He is, in fact, the most successful quarterback our poor benighted team has ever fielded.

I prefer to view this in a positive way - the front office decided to pick up a possible replacement well before we needed him. If he works out, great, and if not, we have time to find that out and pick up someone else. As usual, Reid & co. are looking farther ahead than the next five minutes, unlike many of the fans and other teams I could name (Redskins, anyone?). Yeah, sure, sometimes you have to go with the new guy right away and you get Vince Young - and sometimes you get Alex Smith.

I realize it's almost congenitally impossible, but let's try not to panic. At least until training camp starts.