11 April 2007

2007 Schedule

Ex-Navy Cheesehead was the first to alert me that the 2007 NFL Schedules have come out. His next question was: What do you think? Easy? Hard?

Before I opine, let me point out that players are still switching teams, the draft hasn't happened yet, training camp hasn't started, and, other than people who are still healing from 2006, no one is injured (yet). In other words, ANYTHING can happen.

In addition to playing our own sorry division, we also play NFC North, AFC East, the Saints, and the Seahawks. Now, just by virtue of the fact that 12 of our 16 games are against NFC teams, I'm leaning towards "easy." But let's break it down:

Redskins: finished 2006 a dismal 5-11. Team is in disarray. Should be two easy wins. Then again, the big upsets tend to happen within divisions.

Giants: finished 2006 8-8 and lost the NFC wildcard game to us. And talk about a team in disarray! Tiki's gone, Coughlin's still there, they cut Luke Pettigout, Lavar Arrington, and Carlos Emmons and frankly Jeremy Shockey ain't all that.

Cowboys: finished 2006 9-7 thanks to losing critical games at the end of the season to us and the Lions. THE LIONS. Ponder it. They threw away the NFC East Championship in the process. And then that rookie mistake by Golden Boy Tony Romo in the 1 point wildcard loss to the Seahawks, well, that was just a thing of beauty. Yet another team with problems: The Tuna's gone, TO's still there, and Jerry Jones is the dumbest owner this side of Little Danny Snyder.

Lions: 3-13. If you keep track of such things, that means that they get to pick SECOND in the draft. Which means they'll have plenty of players to chose from, but since they need, well, everything, where do you even start? I'm still laughing about their improbable win over the Cowboys on New Year's Eve. Seriously, guys, y'all mostly sucked last year, but thanks! Didya get that case of Chivas I sent?

Vikings: 6-10. Brad Childress didn't have a great first year in Minnesota. Maybe they should get a QB who's younger than Vinny Testaverde? Just a suggestion....

Packers: 8-8. WOULD BRETT FAVRE JUST RETIRE ALREADY? Thank you. That is all.

Bears: weakest 13-3 team in history still managed to get all the way to the Super Bowl, and play an OK first half. If the game had ended there, well, they still would have lost, but only by two points. They haven't resolved their QB issue, though, and their D-line isn't gettin' any younger.

Dolphins: 6-10. Y'all killed me! I still can't believe I picked you to win the division. Curse you, Daunte Culpepper!

Bills: 7-9. Not bad. Not great. Just meh.

Jets: 10-6. Jets had a pretty good run into the playoffs, where they lost to the Patriots in a major ass-whuppin'. Like just about everyone does.

Patriots: 12-4. The only shock in their season, other than their continuing ability to let great players walk and still win out year after year, was the AFC Conference loss to the Colts.

Seahakws: 9-7 in the weakest division in the entire NFL. How the hell did they even qualify for the playoffs? Amazing Cracker Jack prize?

Saints: 10-6. Sigh. Our playoff loss to them last year was still a great game, with good efforts from both teams. I wish 'em all the best in 2007, too.

We're playing 16 games, only 7 of them against teams above .500, 3 against teams at .500, and 6 against some real dogs. That should put us at at least 9-7 without even breaking a sweat.

I'm just sayin'.

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