27 March 2007

In case you're living under a rock

And haven't heard the good news yet, Jaws will be replacing Joe Theismann as lead commentator on MNF next season. Can I get an "amen"?

To quote the ever-wise King Kaufman:
The best NFL news of the offseason wasn't when your favorite team snagged that free agent or made that great trade -- your team, not mine -- it was ESPN's announcement that Ron Jaworski would be replacing Joe Theismann in the Monday night booth.

Nothing particularly against Theismann....It's just that Jaworski is about the best football analyst in the business....Everything Theismann does well, Jaworski does better. The things Jaworski does best, Theismann doesn't do at all.
True dat.

And watch this space for more information about the BIG PARTY at Chickie & Pete's to celebrate the opening of the 2007 season. You HAVE marked it on your calendar, haven't you?

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