27 March 2007

In case you're living under a rock

And haven't heard the good news yet, Jaws will be replacing Joe Theismann as lead commentator on MNF next season. Can I get an "amen"?

To quote the ever-wise King Kaufman:
The best NFL news of the offseason wasn't when your favorite team snagged that free agent or made that great trade -- your team, not mine -- it was ESPN's announcement that Ron Jaworski would be replacing Joe Theismann in the Monday night booth.

Nothing particularly against Theismann....It's just that Jaworski is about the best football analyst in the business....Everything Theismann does well, Jaworski does better. The things Jaworski does best, Theismann doesn't do at all.
True dat.

And watch this space for more information about the BIG PARTY at Chickie & Pete's to celebrate the opening of the 2007 season. You HAVE marked it on your calendar, haven't you?

12 March 2007

So long, Donte

It was great while it lasted.

So what happened?

I have three theories:
  1. The Eagles' Front Office knows something we don't know about his on-again, off-again hamstring problems.
  2. The Eagles' Front Office knows something we don't know about his recent visit to the NFL substance abuse program.
  3. He was never intended to be more than a one-year fill in between the Captain ME! era and when our first- and second-year receivers were ready to step up. And of course, if the price was right when the time came (always a consideration for our thrify F.O.), we'd hang onto him. But if not, no big.
I suspect that #3 is the answer, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that elements of the other two contributed.

In the meantime, good luck with the Pats, Donte, we'll see you during the 2007 season, and you might want to invest in some long underwear. You thought it was cold playing in the Linc...

What's next?

I'm going out on a limb and predicting that we will NOT be picking up Cory Dillon. Assuming he was telling the truth about his reason for leaving the Patriots - mo' money - he is definitely NOT going to look seriously at Philly, since NO ONE looks to Philly for a huge payday.

If Dillon was offering the Search for the Big Payday to avoid saying, "I'm a disgruntled player," there's even LESS chance we'll see him at training camp. As our Dear Leader is so fond of remarking: "Fool me once, shame on - shame on you. Fool me - you can't get fooled again."

I suspect the Eagles' Front Office feels pretty comfortable with our current wideout situation - an assessment with which I agree - and will not be looking to make any major moves at that position.

Hopefully, that will allow them to focus on:
  1. Nailing down someone to back up Westy, whether that be re-signing Buck after he has a chance to shop around a little, picking up another F.A., or drafting someone.
  2. Spicing up our return game (Bethel Johnson?). Thanks for everything, Reno. You're not a great football player, but you seem to be a really decent human being. And cute as a button to boot! Good luck to you wherever life takes you.
  3. Doing something to bolster our defense. Seriously. We need help. Big time. Right now. Front Office, are you listening?
Finally, don't forget to mark your calendars for the pre-season opener party at Chickie and Pete's!

04 March 2007

Free Agency News

While I'm disappointed to see Jeff Garcia leaving Philly, I'm not terribly surprised. Some part of me always believed that he was saying he wanted to stay because it was politic. After all, when you're on a hot streak and being interviewed about your plans, you're never going to say, "Hell yeah, I'm using this as my ticket to a starting job! Why would I want to sit around as a #2 when someone will pay me big money to start? This gravy train won't last forever. I'm 37 for chrissakes!" I do think it's a shame that Garcia's likely to finish out his career with an inferior team (the Bucs), but I can understand him wanting to cash in while he can, and I certainly wish him the best - unless we end up facing the Bucs in the playoffs, of course.

In other moves, the Eagles surprised no one by letting Michael Lewis walk and letting Buck and Rod Hood talk to other teams. I'd be real surprised if either of those guys are around to start the 2007 season, although if I had to pick on to hang onto, it would be Buck. Quentin Mikell and Juqua Thomas have been signed to multi-year deals, as has AJ Feeley. So far, there hasn't been a rush for anyone else to sign Donte Stallworth, which is good news for us, since it looks like we want to hang onto him, if the price is right (which is always the caveat with the Eagles).

As usual, we're not shopping the FAs. Which is probably a good thing, since it tends to be a waste of money. Which little Danny Snyder never seems to understand. The Eagles' front office, staying true to form, has spent its Benjamins on locking in our promising young guys, and is likely to bet the rest on the draft. And I'm not complaining, as the teams that have consistent success in recent years are teams that focus primarily on the draft for acquisition of new players.

So who do you think we should look to draft to shore up our D? Because, damn, we sure do need some help.

Other FA news of interest: in ex-Eagle news, Ike Reese is out of Atlanta, Carlos Emmons is out of NYC, and Troy Vincent is leaving DC and, rumor has it, probably retiring. Drew Bledsoe's been dumped (duh!). The Vikings dropped Fred Smoot, and the Skins picked him back up (for more money than if they'd just hung onto him? Probably, knowing Danny Boy's typically bone-headed personnel maneuvers). Joe Horn's out of New Orleans (I'd feel pretty comfortable with my wideout situation if I had Marques Colston, too). In addition to Emmons, the Giants also ditched LaVar Arrington (wonder if the Skins will pick him back up, too?), Luke Pettigout AND that thug Bob Whitfield. Housecleaning? Nah - they're still stuck with Tom Coughlin. The Bucs are going QB crazy, picking up two guys who are inches from Vinny Testaverde territory (Garcia and Jake Plummer). Guess Chuckie's not feeling Chris Simms OR Bruce Gradkowski.

Around the AFC, the Ravens dumped a bunch of people, including Jamal Lewis, as did the Broncos, including Jake Plummer (see above). The Browns picked up ex-Eagle Hank Fraley. The Dolphins seem to have cut half their second team. The Patriots chose to let Corey Dillon walk. Patrick Ramsey's on the market again. Aaron Brooks is out there again, too. That was quick. Someone should let the Bucs know they missed a few late-career FA QBs.