25 January 2007

Super Bowl Pick

Now that every team I care about is watching football from the comfort of their own living rooms, who do I think will win? More importantly, who do I want to win?

Those of you who've read this blog for any length of time know my long-standing antipathy for Peyton Manning (although I do find his MasterCard commercials hilarious). However, as my friend Obi Wan IT Guy observed earlier this week, Dungy's been owed ever since Coach Chuckie stole his Super Bowl ring down there in Tampa.

Furthermore, Dungy seems like a great guy. Then again, so does Lovie Smith. Both are good coaches, respected by their players and front offices. (On that note, has anyone other than me noticed that, since Parcells' announcement, Captain ME! has been referring to him in interviews as "Bill" rather than "Coach" or "Coach Parcells"? Classy to the end. What a tool!)

The thing is, we've already seen how Peyton Manning caves in the big game. Just for the sake of variety, it would probably be more fun to witness the particular contours of a Rex Grossman meltdown.

Ultimately, at this point, I really don't care. Now I'm just in it for the beer and funny commercials. But. if forced, I'll go with the pundits and pick the Colts, based purely on the fact that the AFC is the stronger conference. Which definitely means you should go withdraw your 401(k) and bet it all on the Bears.

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