03 January 2007



Chargers: Definite contenders. And the team to beat. Beware the return of Martyball, though.

Colts: Pretenders. Their D sucks, and then there's the Manning Playoff Curse.

Pats: Perpetual contenders. Belichick's a frappin' genius and Brady's the definition of clutch.

Ravens: Definite contenders. Their D is brutal, and their offense is good enough.

Jets: Probably pretenders. But Mangini still did an amazing job with that team this year.

Chiefs: Probably pretenders as well. But way to go, Herm!


Seahawks: Pretenders. The only reason they're even in the playoffs is thanks to a weak division. Look for the 49ers to come on strong next year.

Saints: Contenders all the way, baby. In all honesty, I think they'll rep the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Eagles: Contenders, because we have this thing known as "hotness." Unfortunately, I don't think it's enough to get us past the Saints, because that would be one hell of a conference championship game. Too bad we can't play the Bears next weekend.

Bears: Pretenders. Their D was dominant early in the season but has been less so recently, and their O is disintegrating before our very eyes.

Cowboys: Pretenders. How on earth did Tony Romo get into the Pro Bowl? That's just a travesty.

Giants: Pretenders. See above re: Manning Playoff Curse.

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