01 January 2007

2006 Week 17 Recap

Eagles/Falcons, Sunday, December 31, 2006

In attendance: Chef Spouse, Ex-Navy Cheesehead (in tux), Shoegal (in Manolos)

Menu: Chinese takeout

Happy New Year, Eagles Fans!

We were up in the Philly area this weekend for Philly RN's wedding (congrats, you crazy kids!), and we debated staying up there to watch the games with the fam. But we didn't want to end up driving back to DC at 8 pm. So we boogied south after a late breakfast, receiving periodic updates on the first half of the Lions/Cowboys game via cell phone, and arriving home during the half. How very sweet it was to witness the wheels not only come off the Cowboys' bus but roll into the next county. Just to remind you, prior to yesterday, the Lions had won only TWO games, against the Bills and Falcons, both at home. Their last win was almost two months ago. Then they go to Texas Stadium and beat the Cowboys, who only had the division championship on the line.

I had switched the living room TV to our game with the Cowboys game ticking down to the last few seconds. Meanwhile, Chef Spouse was keeping an eye on Cowboys/Lions in the kitchen. Thus we knew the result about 3 minutes before anyone at the Linc. Cue the champagne Chez Redhead! Akers must have been totally confused when the fans started cheering BEFORE he made his 41 yard field goal. And you could see Big Red and JJ going through their rosters on the sidelines: "Garcia? Out. Westy? Out. Dawk? Out. Lito? Out. Is it too late to dress out the practice squad?"

And then we STILL beat the Falcons. We beat their starters with our second and third teamers. I was very surprised that Jim Mora didn't pull his guys. Jim, even if you won this game, it wasn't going to save your job. Trust me on this one, dude. What were you thinking? Vick got hurt - again - and you're lucky it wasn't serious. Because, unlike you, he'll still be around next year. I haven't heard anything about Tyrone Willingham wanting to retire. Any interest in going to Oakland? They'll probably be looking for a new coach, and even you would be an improvement. But more about potential coaching changes in a later post...

Around the rest of the NFL...

The Giants managed to hang on to their wildcard spot by beating the Redskins Saturday night. They'll be one-and-done after facing us next Sunday, though. Bye, Tiki! You gave us fits over the years, but you seem like a classy, intelligent guy. No wonder you want to get the hell out of the Giants' organization.

The Panthers managed to beat the Saints' second team, bringing their season to a disappointing 8-8.

The Texans beat the Browns. Whatever.

The Lions beat the Cowboys. At Texas Stadium. With the NFC East title on the line. I know I've already mentioned that, like, a hundred times, but it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

The Jags sent in their third string QB after more David Garrard picks, and Trent Green got shnockered again - does he have a target on his chest or something? - but Damon Huard proved up to the task of handing off to Larry Johnson for a few downs until Green was able to return and hand off to Larry Johnson himself, who won the game for them, with 3 TDs. Which turned out to be important because...

The Broncos put their heads together and figured out a way to lose to the 49ers. At home. With a wildcard spot on the line. I'm still scratching my head over that one.

You know who else choked, losing a game they should have, and needed to, win? The Cowboys. HA!

The Pats ended the Titans winning streak at 6, finishing a surprising 12-4 thanks to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and a bunch of no-names.

The Jets beat the Raiders, also surprising no one and securing the other AFC wildcard spot in the process.

The Bengals, otherwise known as the Blazing Saddles team (because, you know, they're all named "Johnson" and thanks to Deadhead Skins Fan for pointing that out), needed to beat the Steelers and get some other help to squeeze into the post-season. They got neither, ending a disappointing season ignominiously. It was a disappointing and adversity-filled season for the Steelers, too, but at least they managed to scrape together 8-8. I really hope this isn't Cowher's final season in Blitzburgh, though. I'd miss Scowly McOldSchool if he wasn't around the sidelines anymore.

The Seahawks beat the Bucs, ending a mediocre season with a bit of a bump. At least they managed to avoid the Super Bowl loser/Madden NFL curse. If they weren't facing the Cowboys next week, they'd be one-and-done, too. They're lucky we won NFC East.

By the time the Rams and Vikings played, neither team had anything on the line. And the Rams won. Yawn.

The Chargers and Cardinals also had nothing on the line, and the Chargers won. Again, yawn. But there is a bit of bad news - both QB Rivers and LT sustained injuries of some sort during the game (an updated report hasn't been posted yet to my knowledge). Frankly, it was an odd choice to have both play the majority of the game. But the ways of the Schott are mysterious and not to be understood by mere mortals like myself. The Chargers are still the team to beat. But we're all waiting to see if Martyball rears its ugly head.

The Ravens beat the Bills, surprising no one.

The Colts beat the Dolphins, also surprising no one. They're still gonna be one-and-done, though. Count on it.

And the Pack stomped all over the Bears at Soldier Field. The Bears' first team did play a good chunk of the game, but really didn't seem to give a damn. Rex Grossman continues to look REALLY shaky, and frankly Brian Griese wasn't much better. The only guy who seems marginally competent in the QB role there is the punter. The Bears may be 13-3, but recently they've looked more like an 8-8 team at best. Lovie Smith might want to call Tony Dungy this week to get his perspective on how it feels to secure the bye and home field and still be out after one post-season game, because that's what I see happening, particularly given the unseasonably warm winter.

In closing, did I mention that the Cowboys LOST to the previously 2-13 Lions yesterday? Good times, people, good times.

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