04 January 2007

2006 Season Wildcard Weekend Picks

Take these with a grain of salt (see below), but here's what I think will happen this weekend.

Chiefs/Colts - Chiefs. The Colts can't stop the run, and Peyton Manning can't win a playoff game.

Cowboys/Seahawks - Seahawks. This was a tough one. Neither team looks strong heading into the post-season, but I'm picking the Seahawks because of the 12th Man, Shaun Alexander, and the fact that if I picked the Cowboys, a bolt of lightning would fall from the sky and strike me dead. And if, by some miracle, I survived the lightning strike, no one in my family would ever speak to me again.

Jets/Pats - Pats. But this one wasn't an easy pick either. Like us and the Giants, they split their regular season games. But it's never smart to pick AGAINST Brady and Belichick in the playoffs.

Eagles/Giants - Eagles. Duh. Because, unlike some NFC East teams I could name, we actually know how to stop, or at least slow down, Tiki Barber. Also their entire team hates Tom Coughlin. Also, Manning Playoff Curse.

So how did I do with my preseason picks? Not very well.


AFC South: I picked Jags, Colts won. 0-1.
AFC North: I picked Bengals, Ravens won (although to be fair, I did note that the Ravens would be contenders, but almost doesn't count...). 0-2
AFC West: I picked Broncos, Chargers won. Was I on crack, or did I just forget about the existence of the Chargers? Oy. 0-3.
AFC East: I picked Dolphins, Pats won.

Result: I get punked by the AFC to the tune of 0-4.

On to the NFC...

NFC South: I picked Panthers, Saints won. Never have I been so happy to be wrong. 0-5.
NFC North: I picked Bears. Hey! I got one right! 1-5.
NFC West: I picked Seahawks. That's 2! But the NFC West is so terrible, this was a gimme, even with the Super Bowl/Madden NFL Curse rule in play. 2-5.
NFC East: I picked us, and mid-season I was feeling like a real chump. Thank goodness our boys ultimately proved me right. Or was that wrong?

Anyway, I finished 3-5.

Moral of the story? Read my blog for laughs, since I obviously have no idea what I'm talking about.

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