21 December 2006

2006 Week 16 Picks

Dear Santa: I have to admit, I've been a little naughty. But there are extenuating circumstances! And saucy photos (that I could send you if it might help get me off the hook). Anyway, all I want for Christmas is an Eagles' win over the Cowboys on Christmas Day. And a pair of Manolos. And Jimmys. Hey, Baby has expensive tastes.

We can totally take the Cowboys. And Garcia seems to really, really NOT like to lose. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and my champagne chilled...

ThNF: I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus. Oh wait - it was Brett Favre. Old guy, beard - I was understandably confused. Anyway, I'm picking the Vikings, mostly because I don't like the Packers, but really put me down for "who cares?"

SaNF: Chiefs at Raiders. And the Chiefs go to 8-7. Which in the NFC would guarantee them at least a first round bye. In the AFC? They'll be watching the playoffs on TV.

Sunday games:

Ravens at Steelers: you know, in August I thought this game would be the deciding factor in the battle for AFC North. Yeah, I was completely wrong about that. The Ravens are still fighting it out with the Colts for that valuable first round bye. In other words, this game matters, big time, and I don't see them dropping it, even though the Steelers have been looking a lot better recently.

Blah blah, Steve Smith, blah blah Julius Peppers, blah blah Super Bowl. Blah. The Panthers look like a team that has given up. I'm picking the Falcons, even with an injured Mike Vick.

Bears at Lions: dude, it's Christmas Eve! Show some mercy! OK, fine, Scrooges at the NFL, force the Lions to be humiliated. On national TV. On a holiday. Big meanies.

The Colts should have no trouble with the Texans. And see above re: first round bye at stake. Which probably means they'll blow it.

Pats at Jags: let's see, the Jags played poorly last week, which means they should play well this week. And there are 4 AFC teams at 8-6 with only two playoff berths to share between them. Of course, the Pats don't have the division locked up yet, so they'll be playing like they mean it, too. Should be a good game, but if you look up "clutch" in the dictionary, there's a big old picture of Tom Brady, which means Pats win this one.

Saints, it was a one game slump. Shake it off and kill the Giants for us, OK?

Bucs at Browns, or as I like to call it, Bad at Worse. Most Painful Game of the Week. Blech.

The Titans/Bills game should be good, too. It would take a miracle, but neither team is technically out of the running for a wildcard spot yet. I'm increasingly liking the way the Titans are playing, so I'm picking them. Although I don't think either team will see playoff time this year.

Oh dear, poor Redskins. You're getting a little mojo back, way too late. Good luck against the Rams - go git 'em!

Cardinals at 49ers. Eh. But congratulations to Frank Gore on his first pro bowl selection!

Bengals/Broncos: two more of those 8-6 teams! The Bengals drubbing by the Colts last week was a shocker, but I think they're probably the stronger of the two teams (of Bengals/Broncos or Bengals/Colts). Of course, Carson Palmer's shoulder is screwed up, and Jay Cutler just got his first taste of winning and may find that it suits him. This could go either way, and they both need the win. I'll call Broncos due to the generic home team +3 points.

The Seahawks are hosting the Chargers. Man, the Seahawks' month just keeps getting worse. Lucky for them, they play with the dregs of the NFL. They should be able to take the division at 8-8, no problem. Which is a good thing, because they're going to be 8-7 after this week. On the up side, they do get to end their season against the Bucs.

MNF double-header, part 2: Jets at Dolphins. It's way more important for the Jets. Which probably means the Dolphins will pull it together and win. But I'm still calling the Jets.

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