18 December 2006

2006 Week 15 Recap

Eagles at Giants, Sunday, December 17, 2006

In attendance: just me & Chef Spouse. We'd just gotten back from a fantastic anniversary weekend (number 14), and thus didn't have time to set up for a crowd.

Menu: Five Guys and Yuengling!

Now, not only am I usually on the Eagles bandwagon, I'm usually the one driving. But after #5 went down, I was ready to hand over the keys. Game over. Season over. Again.

When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. Boy, was I wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Garcia, I apologize for thinking you were over the hill. Big Red, I apologize for not trusting. The rest of the team? Why weren't you playing like this early in the season? We wouldn't be in a fight for our lives now. Oh well, shoulda, coulda, woulda...

Who had a big day? Who didn't have a big day, other than most of the Giants? A few real standouts: Garcia. Dawkins (2 forced fumbles and a pick). Westy (2 TDs). Trent Cole (1 TD). Reno Mahe (64 yard kick off return). LJ (that gorgeous fingertip catch). Oh, and Lito? The offer of the cookies still stands. You just tell me where to send them, and they're as good as on their way. Call me, baby!

We're still making way too many dumb mistakes. 100+ penalty yards. Again. Fortunately, the Giants made more. And Eli's truly a Manning - when the pressure's on, he cracks. But our 3rd down conversion rate is getting better, and the whole team is actually playing like, well, a whole team.

Want to read something funny? Check out the Giants official fan site. Want to see something funny? Shockey getting plowed by Dawk and Mikell, currently featured on a Jacked Up near you.

Akers is starting to worry me. OK, sure, it was a 48 yarder, and he has not historically been great at the Meadowlands. But he used to be a sure 3. This year? Not so much. He's still in the top 10 kickers, but just barely. And he's not top 5 anymore. That could be a problem when we get into the playoffs. Look at how many games we've LOST be 3 or fewer points this year. I don't know what's up there, but I'm worried.

And finally, a note to the zebras: I know you're unaccustomed to calling roughing the passer against whoever's playing the Eagles. D-Mac could get the pass off, a defensive tackle could leave his receiver downfield, run the whole way back, throw him to the ground, then pick him up and pitch him into the opposing team's bench, where they'd proceed to bring the beat down, and...nothing. But, see, D-Mac hasn't been playing since week 11. We have this guy now named JEFF GARCIA. Little white guy, wears #7, freckles, kind of intense. Ring any bells? Cut us a break, here, guys.

Around the rest of the NFL...

The 49ers took the Seahawks. Yowza. In other news, the NFC sucks.

Stupid Cowboys. Stupid Tony Romo. Stupid TO. That's OK, we're gonna beat 'em in their own house on Christmas and resume our rightful place at the head of the division. And speaking of Captain ME!, why is anyone surprised about the thing with De Angelo Hall? Because he's always been such a paragon of class and restraint that no one would ever think he'd do something so childish and dumb? Oh yeah, spitting in someone's face is totally out of character. (Hope the sarcasm is making it through.)

The Ravens beat the Browns, who actually managed to make it a game. Aw - isn't that cute?

Speaking of making it a game, the Bucs definitely surprised the Bears. Chef Spouse wanted to do a shot every time there was a possession change during overtime. I know I joked about shots leading to alcohol poisoning when D-Mac went down, but this is serious. I had to veto that idea before one of us ended up in the hospital.

The Packers beat the Lions at Lambeau for the 1 billionth time. You know, I don't think the teams were even watching their own game. I could've sworn I saw Jon Kitna with a Gameboy on the sidelines.

The Pats made themselves feel better after their inexplicable shut out in Miami last week by whupping up on the hapless Texans. Which was kind of mean, actually.

And then the Bills shut out those same Dolphins. Bulletin: the AFC East makes no damn sense.

I was right! The Titans beat the Jags, thanks to about 400 David Garrard picks. Where was that guy in week 8? Did the Titans score ANY offensive points at all?

The Jets beat the Vikings. Yawn.

The Steelers stomped the Panthers. In case you were wondering, the NFC is clearly the JV conference.

What happened to the Saints? Beats me, but I sure am glad we got our two matchups with the Redskins out of the way before they decided to start showing up.

The Broncos beat the Cards. Tune in to SportsCenter to see Dennis "Wildman" Green's head do a full 360.

The Raiders got shut out. Again. How many is that for the season? 3? 4? Infinity? What's the record? Of course, that's not a record you really want to hold. The commentators don't even want to watch anymore - and they're being PAID! What about the poor fans of whatever team is playing the Raiders each week? Shouldn't they get, like, complimentary beer or something?

The Chargers beat the Chiefs. And LT set a new record for single-season TDs and for single-season points. I have nothing to add but "WOW" and "Congratulations."

And I'm not sure how MNF is going to turn out this week, but they definitely had the best lead-in so far: the cranky guy from the NFL commercials. "Snap the damn ball already!" HEE! Check it out. Week 15 isn't up yet, but it should be on the mid-left shortly. Game's tied at the moment, and surprisingly low-scoring. Go Bengals! (I just don't like the Colts. Or anyone named Manning for that matter.)

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