05 December 2006

2006 Week 13 Recap

Eagles v. Panthers, Monday, December 4, 2006

In attendance: Just Shoegal. Ex-Navy Cheesehead lives pretty far out and Chef Spouse is still in the Big Apple.

Menu: pork chops with a sour cherry pan sauce, buttered noodles, broccoli, a nice bottle of Sonoma Valley wine Shoegal supplied.

So here's what I was planning to write:

Notice what worked? Running the ball.

Notice what didn't work so well? Everything else.

Conclusion: RUN the damn BALL.

Thank you.

Also, if you decide to try to sack the QB, you really need to actually, you know, SACK the QB, otherwise, there's, like, 8 uncovered receivers downfield. And even Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom could hit one of them. And she's a munchkin.

Also, Steve Smith may have jumped Captain ME! as the receiver I most love to hate.

Also, fans? Whatever your feelings about him or about AJ Feeley, booing Garcia after he gets turfed, HARD, twice and gets back up and keeps playing and completes his next pass? Totally without class.

So here's what I actually write:

This is the second time Lito Sheppard has saved our season. And Big Red actually smiled!

Slow, slow, slow start. Slow start. SLOW. Granny slow. Yugo slow. DMV slow. We were slow. But the offense is looking better. Garcia's looking better. Our receivers are dropping fewer passes. (The fact that Garcia doesn't throw quite as hard as McNabb may be contributing.) Stallworth's a stud (or at least has the potential to be one if he can stay healthy). Westy's DEFINITELY a stud. Reggie Brown could develop into a stud. Also? Michael Irvin? HA! Moron.

But our D, man. Our D's still shaky. We blew it big-time at the end of the half, and we were close to doing it again at the end of the game. Did I thank Lito? Thank you, Lito! If you tell me where to ship them, I'll bake you some chocolate chip cookies.

And, once again, way too many dumb-a** penalties.

Still, I'm not going to nit-pick at this point. We won, we're still in the wildcard race, and even with McNabb, that was about all I was thinking we'd do this year: wildcard or NFC East, but not getting past our first playoff game due to all the new kids. So let's just enjoy it and look forward to beating the Redskins Sunday.

But that last part about the classless booing of Garcia still stands.

Around the rest of the NFL...

I am the wrongest wrong person in Wrongville. I apparently couldn't pick the winner of the average pro football game with access to Dionne Warwick's entire Psychic Friends Network and a time machine. Just call me Wrongy Wrongstein of Wrongington.

Bengals/Ravens? Wrong!

Cardinals/Rams? Wrong!

Falcons/Redskins? Wrong!

Titans/Colts? Wrong! (But that shouldn't count - EVERYONE got that one wrong.)

Browns/Chiefs? Wrong again!

Jags/Dolphins? Nope - thanks a lot, Joey Harrington.

Cowboys/Giants? Why did I have to get this one wrong? Stupid Cowboys. Stupid Tony Romo.

So did I get ANYTHING right? Well, yes, I did manage to pick a few games right. But statistically, I would have done at least as well flipping a coin.

Pats/Lions? Yes, but I didn't expect it to be nearly that close.

Bears/Vikings? Sure, the Bears won again. (Dear Vikings: you probably should have locked Devin Hester in a closet, too.) But the big question is: what the hell is wrong with Rex Grossman? A 1.3 QB rating? How is that even possible? I'm pretty sure Duce, my 19 month old nephew, could do better. Heads up, guys: a QB with a 1.3 rating in week 13 probably does not equal a Lombardi trophy in February.

Jets/Packers? I was right, but who cares? Oh wait: the Jets might actually sneak into the playoffs. Then I guess I'd have to start paying attention. Brett Favre: retiring yet, you geezer?

I also got the Chargers/Bills game right, but again, surprisingly close. Nice throwbacks, Bills. Might want to make that switch permanent.

Think we'll see the Saints in the Super Bowl? I'm starting to think maybe. Yeah, yeah, killing the 49ers isn't necessarily a huge accomplishment, but Reggie Bush finally had his breakout game: 100+ yards and 4 TDs. If we can't rep the NFC - and let's face it, this year, we can't - I'd love to see the Saints go to the show.

The Texans beat the Raiders. Of course, since they're pretty much the only two teams in the entire NFL who mathematically cannot get into the playoffs, who cares? (And actually, with the Texans at 4-8, that's not even the case - but the Raiders are definitely out.)

As predicted, we're still pretty much the only team to have trouble with the Bucs this year. The Steelers are still REALLY unlikely to make the post-season, but at least they managed to beat the Bucs.

And I did get Seahawks/Broncos right, but that was one hell of a game. The Broncos outplayed the Seahawks for most of the game and Jay Cutler did well in his NFL debut, but it wasn't enough. Still 4 quarters in football games, Broncos. And, frankly, in Denver, you pretty much have to expect 50+ yard field goals. Sucks when you lose a game to one - believe me, we know - but it's not like you could claim you didn't think Josh Brown could make it.

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