21 November 2006

Week 12 Bonus: Short Week Preview

aka, The Thanksgiving Games

Dolphins at Lions - I know it's tradition for the Lions to play on Thanksgiving, but c'mon - this is just painful. Didn't someone once say, "Traditions were made to be broken"? Or was that, "Rules were made to be broken"? Either way, why do we have to watch this dreck? Isn't being cooped up with family for hours on end enough suffering for one day?

Bucs at Cowboys - Jeez, I'm gonna have to watch the Cowboys win twice in one week? Shoot me now. Please.

Broncos at Chiefs - This will be the only game worth watching, it's only on the NFL Network, I'm going to be stuck at my in-laws, who aren't big football fans anyway (unlike my psychotically devoted Eagles fan family, to whom you've all been introduced through the medium of this blog) and I don't know if they even GET the NFL Network. Why, God, why?

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