15 November 2006

Dead, Canadian, or...

Vinny Testaverde?

In case you hadn't heard, the Pats have signed Rip van Testaverde. I haven't heard any word of anthing being wrong with Tom Brady, and Belichick doesn't seem like the type to panic over a couple of lost games - particularly since the Pats are still leading the AFC East - but signing The Old Man is never a positive sign for a football team. Maybe Belichick's hoping Testaverde can provide some inside information on the Jets' offense before the playoffs? Seems like an over-reaction:

1. Ever heard of a thing called a phone, Bill?
2. The chances the Pats will see the Jets again this season are pretty damn small, because there are at least 3 other teams more likely to take the 2 wildcard spots than they are (whichever of Chargers/Broncos doesn't win AFC West, Jags, and Chiefs - and there's still time for the Bengals - or the Steelers for that matter - to get hot).

So I'm just left wondering: why, Bill, why?

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