17 November 2006

2006 Week 11 Picks

Two of my favorite pundits, King Kaufman and rocketman have already posted their picks for week 11. The task I've set for myself this week is to mediate the differences.

For our game, they're both picking the Eagles. Rocketman's a homer just like me, but KK is not. Go Eagles! Seriously, there is no reason we shouldn't win this game. Our D line should have no trouble getting to Vince Young (who is looking good, even though the rest of the Titans stink), they don't have any targets for him anyway, and their D is nothing to speak of. Which probably means we'll find a way to screw it up. Joking! I'm joking! Jeez, I hope I didn't just jinx us.

Falcons at Ravens. Everybody's picking the Ravens. Including me. By the way? On Mike Vick? Told you so. Pocket passer, my sweet round booty. He's a running back who occasionally gets on a hot streak, nothing more.

Bills at Texans. KK's picking the Texans, rocketman, the Bills. I pick Most Painful Game of the Week.

Bears at Jets. Everybody's picking the Bears. And why not? They're looking like a juggernaut, as long as that juggernaut includes an occasionally shaky-looking basically rookie QB. Every once in a while, Grossman gets the same look in his eye Mike McMahon had last year, and I get worried about the Bears' chances. But not for this week.

Bengals at Saints. Everyone's picking Saints in another barn-burner. That could be because the Bengals seem to have no D at all. The Saints D was enough to beat us, although not by much, and it was a fairly high scoring game, too. But I hope the Saints are able to continue their Cinderella season with a win over a team everyone (including me) would have picked to crush them before the season started.

Vikings at Dolphins. KK and rocketman are both picking the Dolphins, but I'm holding out for the Vikings to pick it back up and get to .500.

Pats at Packers. Everyone's picking the Pats, but I have to think that something we don't know about must be seriously wrong for them to have signed Vinny Testaverde. But I still can't pick the Packers while they won't dump the Old Guy. Hey! Two teams with old guys! What are the odds? Anyway, Pats.

Raiders at Chiefs. KK and rocketman are picking the Chiefs. But they've decided to sit Damon Huard in favor of Trent Green, which I think means it might be time for the Raiders to pull off another upset. OK, the Raiders aren't even as good as Michigan's practice squad, but I still think they could topple the Chiefs. And it would serve them right for benching Huard.

Steelers at Browns. KK and rocketman are both picking the Steelers. They're in another one of those situations where each week's an elimination round. Which means they'll probably do great. Assuming Troy Polamalu can remember where he left his keys. And his helmet. And his shoes. And his uniform. And his car.

Rams at Panthers. King's picking the Panthers, while rocketman has the Rams. Emotionally, I want to side with the Rams, just because I think the Panthers are over-rated. But I think they'll probably win this one, and Julius Peppers will probably double his sack total for the year in this one game.

Skins at Bucs. KK and rocketman are both picking the Bucs, and I have to agree with them. Unless Jason Campbell turns out to be the reincarnation of Randall Scramble. And if he was, they'd already have been playing him by now. Sorry Deadhead Skins Fan and Cool Web Dude (Skins Fan).

Lions at Cardinals. KK and rocketman are both picking the Lions. Maybe. Who cares? Why are these teams even still playing? Couldn't they just thumb wrestle for it, and then go out for margaritas?

Seahawks at 49ers. Everyone, including a bunch of farmers in rural China who've never even seen American football, is picking the Seahawks, who will have both Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander back. And they've been doing pretty good without those guys.

Colts at Cowboys. King's picking Dallas, and rocketman's picking the Colts. I want to be the first team to beat the Colts! And we could use a leg up in the division. Colts.

Chargers at Broncos. KK's got the Chargers, while rocketman's got the Broncos. It's a shoot-out for the AFC West, and I think the Chargers have the edge. And LT. And Philip Rivers. Who, while I don't think is the second coming of Dan Marino (unlike the pundits), seems to have a pretty good arm.

Giants at Jags. King and rocketman are both picking the Jags. Who, I still maintain, are tying us for the most schizoid team in the NFL. They beat us, they beat the 'Boys, they lost to the Skins. Who knows? But I'd love to see them beat the Giants. Once again, guys, we could use the help in the division. Also, you totally owe us!

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