11 November 2006

2006 Week 10 Picks

OK, I've been too busy plotting the downfall of my enemies and purchasing a bridesmaid dress that doesn't fit anything but my rack (why is David's Bridal torturing me?) to spend much time on my picks for this week. (Thank heavens Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom can sew, or I'd be screwed. There is a serious risk that I would walk out of the skirt heading down the aisle, thus breaking the paramount law of bridesmaids, which is "Don't draw attention to yourself!")

Bye weeks are OVER. It's go time, baby!

How do we not beat the Redskins? Let's keep our fingers crossed for no more unlucky breaks for us, and no more lucky breaks for them. Weird **** seems to happen during divisional matchups. There's no reason we shouldn't beat the Skins. But one never knows.

OK, the other picks, super short version:

Ravens at Titans - Ravens. Please!

Bills at Colts - Colts. Why are the Bills even going to take the field?

Browns at Falcons - OY! Same thing. Falcons, of course.

Packers at Vikings - Divisional rivalry, blah, blah, blah, yackity-smackity. Vikings.

Texans at Jags - Jags. Unless they decide to fall apart this week.

Chiefs at Dolphins - Chiefs. The win last week was an aberration.

Jets at Pats - Pats. Weak division (as usual).

Chargers at Bengals - Chargers. Too many of the Bengals are in jail (or should be).

49ers at Lions - Most Painful Game of the Week ™.

Broncos at Raiders - Raiders: cocktail hour beckons. Don't you want to forfeit?

Cowboys at Cardinals - OOOooo. I want to call Cards, but that's just not realistic.

Saints at Steelers - Saints, baby! Chef Spouse plans to make jambalaya this week in your honor!

Rams at Seahawks - Hmm. Tight game the first time, and now the Seahawks are lacking key players. What the hell - I'll call Rams.

Bears at Giants - Boy, Rex Grossman's been struggling lately, but I pick the Bears to resume their winning ways and beat the Giants (helping us in the division in the process).

Bucs at Panthers - How do the Panthers not win this game? I don't know, but the Bucs have been surprising a lot of people recently.

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