24 October 2006

The Technicolor Yawn

Lots of people are slamming D-Mac for upchucking on the field yesterday. Not to be Ms. Obvious here (OK maybe), but it was 110 degrees! Does anyone besides me ever get off the couch? I know I've barfed a few times after races in the heat. You run hard, it's really hot, you toss your cookies. Hey, it happens.

Does it excuse the first half? No - although if you pay attention, you might notice that on at least one (possibly two) of the picks, it sure looks like the intended receiver might've run the wrong route.

Does it excuse leaving points on the field at the half? No. That was just a brain fart.

But the man lost his lunch and then led two scoring drives, putting us in the lead. If our D had been able to hold for 30 crummy seconds, 21-20. If our D hadn't fallen apart in the 4th quarter of the Giants game, we don't lose The Freak (or the game). If our D had been able to put the stop on an 8 minute drive in the Superdome, we might have had a chance to get the ball back and put up some more points.

So it's all the D's fault, right? No, it's a team game, and it takes a team to lose a game - or win a game. And let's face it - luck has not been with us in at least two of our losses, and even great teams need some of that, too. Which is hopefully what we'll start getting again next week against the Jags.

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