22 October 2006

Big highs....

... bigger lows.

I'm done kicking the back door (what? it totally deserved it), punching the refrigerator (OK, it's done nothing wrong, but I know it can take it), and swearing until I'm hoarse. Now I'm just shaking my head until my brain's about to fall out.

So much blame to go around, and it will be meted out in the full recap, but what's the common thread in our three losses (so far) this year? Regardless of what else has happened in the game, our D has fallen apart at the end of the 4th quarter, allowing a lot of points (Giants), a long drive (Saints), or a big score with almost no time (today, when the Bucs started their final drive with about 25 seconds left on the clock). Well, that and leaving points on the field. More about that in the full recap.

For now? To the bourbon, Batman.

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