23 October 2006

2006 Week 7 Recap

Eagles at Buccaneers, Sunday, October 22, 2006

In attendance: just Ex-Navy Cheesehead. Chef Spouse is in Gotham on business. Shoegal's been on vacation for the past two weeks. The Eagles have lost the past two weeks. Coincidence?

Menu: Lasagna. Bonus round: I don't have to cook again while Chef Spouse is gone. After the game? I put on a big pot of bourbon.

From the Land of Duh: Turnovers killed us, we have to stop leaving points on the field, and we have to stop making dumb mental mistakes at critical times (12 men last week, McDougal's 30 yard penalty this week, the entire 4th quarter of the Giants game).

How does a team manage to put up over 400 yards of total offense and still lose? Beats the hell out of me, but we've done it in 2 or our 3 losses so far this year. McNabb's had over 300 yards passing in 2 of our 3 losses. Westy's had over 100 total yards in 2 of our 3 losses. This is maddening. We have flashes of brilliance followed by flashes of complete idiocy. This team is schizophrenic. Forget the coaches - we need a shrink!

For example, McNabb: passes for over 300 yards and rushes for over 75 yards in 110 degree heat, barfs on the field, after tossing his cookies, leads the team in two great scoring drives, throws for 3 TDs - and yet, 3 picks, 2 that lead to defensive scores (thank you very much Ronde Barber - wouldn't you like to retire, too?), and a brain fart at the end of the half that ended up costing us the game. Dude, if LJ Smith is not IN the endzone, throw it away and take the 3. Margin of victory. Y'all know I'm not a hater, but come on! Could we get a little consistency?

But it's scarcely all Big D's fault. How many passes were dropped today? 400? 500? Infinity? I know it's hot, but concentrate, people! And again, our D - 80% of the time, we make great plays, 20% of the time, we give up HUGE plays. At least the receivers have an excuse - a lot of them are new. The D's experienced. So why do they make these rookie mistakes? ARGH!

Yeah, I know - who could have predicted a 62 yard field goal would be made by a guy whose long before today was, like, 20 yards? But why couldn't we come up with the big stop when we needed it? This is really, really frustrating. And my back door is not happy, as it's now dented (is that the right word for a wood door? dented?), through no fault of its own. The Angry Redhead's back door thinks the Eagles should give me a try out at punter, since Dirk Johnson is no great shakes this year, and it can attest that I have a big leg.

How can we be so great one series and so terrible the next? My head hurts.

And it doesn't get any easier - next week, we face the Jags, who will be out for blood after their embarrassing shellacking by the Texans.

Speaking of, around the rest of the NFL...

The Jags lost to the Texans. Yeah, I know I just mentioned that, but I still can't believe it. They said Leftwich wasn't going to play because of that ankle, and then he did, and it didn't help anyway.

In other news, I did not do well in my picks. I was right in picking the Jets over the Lions, and the Pats over the Bills (but that was a gimme). But I got 3 of the early games wrong by a field goal (4 if you count us).

The Bengals beat the Panthers. Hm. Did they just throw everyone at Steve Smith? Delhomme's pick in the endzone sure didn't help, and Rudi Johnson had a big day for the Bengals. But the Panthers just couldn't get anything going in the second half, which was enough to kill 'em in a low-scoring game.

The Falcons took the Steelers in OT in a high-scoring game. Did I speak too soon on calling the Steelers troubles passed? How did Mike Vick manage to throw 4 TD passes and not get picked off? That's on the Steelers. In related news, Roethlisberger got knocked out, Charlie Batch came in and did well, and it still didn't matter. Dear Big Ben: that mirror you broke/black cat you kicked/ladder you walked under? Biting you in the a**, man. Maybe you should try burning some sage or something.

Despite rocking the awesome powder blues, the Chargers couldn't get past the Chiefs, who are now only at .500. Dear pundits: are you sure the Chargers are the most complete team in football? My money's on the Bears.

The Packers beat the Dolphins. Yawn. Dolphins? Y'all suck. I can't even be bothered to mock you at this point. You're just pitiful.

Skins were hanging with the Colts until the 3rd quarter. Then...yikes. That was NOT a good 15 minutes for the Skins. Giving up 3 unanswered TDs? Ow. Only we can manage to lose after an offensive quarter like that. And how does Novack manage to miss from 49 and 35 (35 yards people!), but Bryant nails one against us from 62? AAAHHHHH!!!! But thanks for helping us out in the division by dropping another game, guys! More bad news for the Skins: Clinton Portis and Santana Moss both got hurt.

The Broncos are a real puzzler. Good team, bad team, doesn't matter. They win, but not by much, and they can't really ever seem to get their O going. I guess their D is good enough that it's not a factor. I wonder what that's like?

The Vikings beat the Seahawks at Qwest. The Seahawks hadn't lost at home in, like, EVER. And in worse news for the Seahawks, Hasselbeck sprained his knee. And the game was tied at the time. Not good. Chester Taylor had a HUGE day for the Vikings. Picking him up from the Ravens was a good move. But if the Seahawks hadn't been down to their #2, it never would have happened. Still, yay, Brad Childress!

THE RAIDERS censored.gif WON A GAME. This is not going to do much for Matt Leinart's confidence. $20 says Dennis Green throws a chair in his Monday press conference.

Stupid World Series. No late game.

And now we look forward to the Giants/Cowboys. Are you POSITIVE they can't both lose? Damn.

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