16 October 2006

2006 Week 6 Recap

Week 6: Eagles at Saints, Sunday, October 15, 2006

In attendance: we were in Pittsburgh, so us and about 250 screaming football fans (a large chunk of them in midnight green) at Sports Rock. Plus some people I dragged along from the conference. Chef Spouse very much enjoyed listening to 200+ people shout "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!" every time we did something good.

Menu: Bar food. Of course. And Yuegling!

Friends! Romans! Eagles Fans! Let's not panic! We over-react faster than anyone but Cowboys fans. I'm not sure which is worse - our irrational pessimism (we lose one game to a good team and we think the season's over) or the Skins' fans irrational optimism (they lose to the Titans and still think they're going to the Super Bowl this year).

It's not yet time to have the "what's wrong with the Eagles?" conversation (although I am taking notes for that eventuality, should it manifest). The Eagles are right on target with my pre-season prediction to finish in the 10-6 or 11-5 vicinity, get into the playoffs but not get very far (promising receivers are too inexperienced), and be a contender next year.

The real surprise here is the Saints. Could Sean Payton be nominated coach of the year? The Saints are certainly the biggest turn around team in the NFL at this point. By the way, Texans, Sean says thank you for passing on Reggie Bush. He's still thanking God every day for that brain fart. The case of Abita is on its way. I was wishing a Cinderella season for the Saints last year. Apparently I was a little ahead of the curve.

Anyway, on to game notes. Upon further review, I had it right - we came out slow, the D fell apart on that long 4th quarter drive, and we got outcoached. But the Saints are hard to beat at home this year, no doubt about it. Sure, we mostly beat ourselves, with dumb penalties and mistakes at critical times (Ryan Moats causing Dexter Wynn to muff the punt return, 3rd & 10 sack negated by 12 men, etc.). And there were some bad calls, as always (OK, maybe more than usual). And Lito couldn't quite manage another miracle this week.

But why, for the love of God, are we still completely unable to manage the clock? Oops - I said I wouldn't get into the "what's wrong with the Eagles" thing at this juncture. And inconsistency, especially on D, is killing us. ARGH! I did it again. Change of topic...

What is up with the stupid human interest stories? So Joe Horn's kid fell off his bike. Who cares? Seriously, kids fall off their bikes all the time. I probably fell off my bike once a week as a kid. That's mostly because I never met a dare I wouldn't take, but I digress...Of course, had he decided to go on home, it would have been to our benefit. I change my mind - bad father!

Around the rest of the NFL...

Panthers squeaked by the McNair-less Ravens. Funny, the Ravens are 4-2, too, and everyone's still on the playoff bandwagon for them. Why is everyone talking smack about us? We have the #1 ranked offense in the entire NFL, for God's sake!

Dear Giants: told you Mike Vick's passing was a disaster waiting for you to take advantage of. You're welcome.

The Titans posted their first win over a Skins team that can't seem to find its own a** with both hands. I know just how Dan Snyder will fix it: throw more money at the problem. "Let's see, we already have salary cap problems and the highest paid coaching staff in the universe. Maybe I should start handing out cash to the fans?" Everything about Fed Ex Field is such a rip off, they certainly deserve it.

In a major shocker, the Bucs posted their first win, and it was over the Bengals. Gradkowski is playing really well, and is good at bobbing and weaving. Of course, the Bucs were helped by a COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS roughing the passer call. (Am I the only one who's noticed that opposing defenses can do pretty much anything they want to McNabb any time and it NEVER gets called? Have I mentioned that already - like maybe every week - in this blog?) Are they planning to outlaw sacks entirely next? But the Bucs may be starting to get some momentum. It's our job to put a big stop on that next week to hold onto our 1/2 game lead on the division.

Seahawks/Rams game was crazy. I thought Mike Holmgren was going to pass out right there on the sidelines. The pundits are saying this proves that the Rams can't play with the big boys. Dude! They lost by 2 points, and that was one incredibly lucky field goal. Let's not write them off just yet, hm?

Hey! Detroit won a game! And the Tigers are in the World Series! Good week, peeps!

Ooo, Dallas ran all over the Texans. Big whoop. Dear TO: STFU. Any team on the recently released BCS top 10 list could beat the Texans. My moms could put up two TD receptions against them. And please note, she's tough, but she's also only 5' 2".

Chargers killed the 49ers, as expected. Although if they have such an unstoppable D, how did the 49ers manage 19 points?

Chef Spouse got to go to the Steelers/Chiefs game. I got to watch it from Sports Rock. I didn't miss much. Big Ben's obviously feeling better, but what a blow out. Yay for The Burgh, but dull, dull, dull viewing. Poor Herm Edwards - Vinny Testaverde and the Jets last year, and now he's having QB problems again. Maybe it's him.

Dolphins almost won one. Y'all suck.

But not as bad as the Raiders. They are seriously stinkin' up the entire NFL. Of course, the Broncos only managed to put up 13 points on them. I know D is usually their strong suit, but that's pathetic. Game was so dull, I actually fell asleep.

And MNF...

Interior, Bears locker room, half time. Team sits around, looking dejected. Lovie Smith is crying. Rex Grossman is hiding in a locker. Henry Winkler peeks out from behind a towel and asks: "Anyone have an idea? Anyone?"

Cue the theme from Rocky.

Brian Urlacher stands up to deliver the pep talk of his life.

"We are currently UNDEFEATED. We are NOT going to lose our first game to the ARIZONA CARDINALS. Have we no SHAME? We are winning this game if I have to do everything MYSELF. Run, kick, pass, block, get picks, score TDs. I don't care! I won't be able to live with myself! Now let's go put this thing away!"

Fourth quarter? Mr. Toad's Wild Freakin' Ride. Yowza.

Bonus round? Dennis Green's hilarious press conference meltdown. Now that's what I call Must See TV.

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