05 October 2006

2006 Week 5 Picks

What happens when a big rivalry gets even bigger? $25 says TO never even makes it to the stadium. And someone should probably check the fans' trunks for evidence before everyone's allowed to leave the Linc.

Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom and You-Two-Calm-Down-Or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad are coming down to DC for the weekend to celebrate Dad's (mumble mumble) birthday, and Chef Spouse and I will be hosting a big crowd. This should be a great game. Both teams have played well but inconsistently this year. Dallas is coming off a big win in a game that wasn't particularly challenging, and so are we. (Well, OK, our game was more challenging than it should have been, but that was entirely our fault.) And both teams need this win - we need it to stay on top of the division, to improve our divisional standing to .500, and to slay some ghosts. Dallas needs a big game to prove that they're a contender in the NFC and that all the money they spent and mess they've put up with in acquiring TO wasn't just a big mistake. I believe we'll win, but I don't think it will be easy. I just want to survive the game without suffering an aneurysm. But I'm fully stocked on crazy (and beer)! Go Eagles!

[PS - The Phreak Report's got it in one. If we can give D-Mac time and get pressure on Bledsoe, this game is ours.]

In the other games, the Bears should stomp all over the Bills. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but the Bears are the real deal, baby. Poor Browns! They got to win one, and now they have to face the Panthers. Sorry, guys. No streak for you. And has anyone checked Keyshawn Johnson's stats lately? Dear Jerry Jones: That off-season wideout switch may not have been the smartest move ever.

Vikings should improve to 3-2 over the Lions. Bet the bye week can't come soon enough in Detroit.

Dolphins, you are officially pathetic. And you'll get no love from the Patriots. Or me. What was I smoking when I picked them for AFC East?

Favre should fare better against the Rams than he did against us. And look for the Saints to resume their winning ways against the Bucs in the Superdome this week. The hapless Titans head to Indiana for the latest episode in their continuing saga: "Who Are We Going to Lose to Now?"

Redskins are looking a lot better and Giants are looking a lot worse than they were two weeks ago. Of course, the Skins are still without Sean Springs in their secondary, and Manning's not afraid to air it out. This one could go either way.

Chiefs/Cards - eh, who cares? But Damon Huard has a great QB rating right now (of course, so does David Carr and look how much good that's done the Texans). Jags should be ready to avenge their OT loss last week on the Jets. Both teams are 2-2 at the moment, and the Jets have been surprisingly improved this year, but I think the Jags should win this one.

Raiders/49ers is my official pick for Most Painful Game of the Week. But the 49ers should go to 2-3 without too much trouble. Randy Moss seems a little, um, cranky these days.

Hopefully, Big Ben and Hines Ward will have benefited from the bye week and will return to their winning ways Sunday night against the Chargers, who lost a tough one to the Ravens last week. If the Steelers are on the healthy bus again, this should be a good game. And Monday night's Ravens/Broncos game should be pretty good, too, with the rested Broncos facing the hot 4-0 Ravens, who are looking like the team to beat in the AFC (based on the presumption that the Colts will once again fall apart in the playoffs).

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