28 September 2006

2006 Week 4 Picks

Memories in the NFL are remarkably short, and with our awful 2005 season and the Packers sucking royally for most of, well, this millennium, why on earth was this picked for a Monday night game? After the aberration that was last season, we've returned to our more customary excellence, while Green Bay remains craptacular. Can someone explain to me how this is not going to be a blowout? The Packers have been allowing over 300 passing yards per game so far this season. They've played one great team (Bears), one good team (Saints), and one terrible team (Lions). However, none of them are particularly known for airing it out. We, on the other hand, are. The Packers offensive line couldn't hold off a squadron of grannies with walkers. Favre will be lucky to escape without having to call for the cart. Even with Lito and Rod Hood out and Dawk, Westy, and Stallworth all questionable, I just don't see how this is going to be an interesting game. Has any football team ever scored into 3 digits? Oh! I know! Anybody up for a Favre pick pool? I'm in for $25 and give me 3 - in the first quarter.

As far as the other games are concerned, look for the Falcons to go medieval on the hapless Cardinals as they seek to avenge their loss to the Saints. Even if "the player" is still out, I can't see the Cowboys losing to the Titans. Damn. Colts will no doubt kill the Jets.

Dear Dolphins, the Texans are a gimme. Y'all better win this one, or look for me to open up a can of whup a** on your sorry butts! The Vikings should have no trouble with the Bills. Hey! It's the battle of the hideously ugly uniforms! Steve Smith is back, but I don't think it's going to matter. Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Well, it ain't the Panthers. Chargers/Ravens should be a great game. I'm not even going to try to call that one.

49ers/Chiefs is my official pick for Most Painful Game of the Week. No, wait! Lions/Rams is my official pick for Most Painful Game of the Week. No, wait! Browns/Raiders. Hey! The Browns will finally get to win a game! Of course, Chef Spouse and I could pull together a few of our friends and beat the Raiders, but a win's a win, right?

Sorry, Cool Web Dude (Skins fan), but I don't think the Skins will be able to pull past the Jags. And look for the Patriots to get stomped by the Bengals (who are definitely in the running for ugliest uniforms). Testaverde watch: rumor has it the Patriots gave him a tryout this week. Why, I have no idea. I don't think the Patriots' problem is their QB. I think their problem is that Brady has no one to throw to.

Seahawks/Bears could be a great game. Although Shaun Alexander seems to think that praying has healed his broken foot in, like, two days. Now I'm not dissing the power of prayer - or faith - but there's this thing called x-rays? Might want to check that out. Wonders of modern medicine and all that.

And finally, about the whole TO mess. First of all, I'm SOOOOO glad this is all happening in Dallas and NOT Philly. Secondly, whether it was accidental or intentional, of course they're going to spin it as accidental. And finally, to paraphrase The Editor, leaving Philly is depressing, but TO's response seems excessive.

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