22 August 2006

"Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

The Bus had his debut as a commentator during Sunday night's Seahawks/Colts pre-season game and did a decent job - not surprising, he's personable and well-spoken, has significant TV interview experience, and certainly knows the game - but he still managed to step in it, suggesting that Steelers coach Bill Cowher, entering the season with only two years left on his contract (and no extension for the first time in his going-on-15-years tenure in Blitzburgh) might be retiring. Cowher quickly publicly denied that any such thing had crossed his mind.

So what happened? It could be The Bus's new kid at school tall-tale attempt to be popular. You know, the "My dad's an astronaut" type thing. But Cowher did recently purchase a big, expensive manse in NC and his wife and daughters will be living there this season, vacating Steel City. And Cowher's widely known as a devoted spouse and father. Is this all an elaborate ploy to wring mo' money out of the Steelers organization? Maybe - it's not like there's a salary cap for coaches.

On the other hand, he's 49 years old, has put in over 25 years as a player (interestingly enough, ending his playing career as an Eagle) and coach, and is one of the most successful coaches in football history. And his daughters are growing up.

Thing is, I would think that if he were really planning to retire, he would've announced at the end of last season - go out on top and all that. Like The Bus did. I guess we'll have to wait for the annual post-playoff, pre-Super Bowl coaching shuffle. Personally, I'd hate to see Scowly McOld-School out of coaching, though.

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