17 August 2006

Next up: Eagles/Ravens

Just back from 5 blissful (and Internet-free) days down the shore in Stone Harbor, NJ. Wealthy Entrepeneur invited us to enjoy the large beach house he rented and the 37 foot yacht he recently purchased, and enjoy we did. If anyone was living better than us, more power to 'em. It you can't *be* rich, it's nice to have rich friends.

Two down, three to go in the pre-season. My feeling at this point is that our D is in pretty good shape, but I'm worried about the O. There are too many questions and too few answers, the biggest one being who will comprise our WR core? Westy, much love to him, has a tendency to get banged up - he's still suffering from that sprained foot and not playing or practicing (which may leave him rusty on September 10). Pinkston's still a cipher. Reggie Brown is just out of his rookie year, and Hank Baskett is a rookie. Things are equally dicey among the 'backs. Buckhalter has never been healthy for a full season. Ryan Moats and Bruce Perry are just out of their rookie seasons. Reno Mahe is all we have left. YIKES.

Much as I was missing football and eager for some games to start, 5 pre-season games is a lot, probably too much. That's almost 1/3 of a season. Think about how many guys get injured each year, and ponder if it's really wise to extend our season by 30%. Yeah, the second, third, and fourth teams see a lot of that playing time and it gives them a chance to compete to move up and for the coaches to see what we have "just in case," but football is a physically punishing sport, and I can't think that setting our guys up for that much MORE punishment is really a good idea.

Finally, yeah, the training camp vibe is much better this year, and we can all be thankful for it. But good vibes are not enough to get us into the playoffs.

Go Eagles!

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