09 August 2006

Injuries (and Goodell)

Did you notice in my review of the Hall of Fame game, I pointed out that one of the four factors that killed us last year was injuries? We've played ONE game and let's take a look at the damage done:

Westy - bum ankle
Pinkston - bum Achilles
Brown - strained calf (I've done that before, and OW!)
Perry - boot to the head
Moats - sprained knee
Bloom - hamstring

...I could go on, but you get the picture.

Yeah, sure, this is the time of year that a lot of guys pull up lame because their bodies are readjusting after months of non-contact training. And there's plenty of time - just over a month - until the regular season starts. But this is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling, to say the least. The last thing I want is a redux of last year, when it looked like AR was going to have to start scouting guys from Bishop Shanahan to fill our offensive holes.

I don't have an opinion on Roger Goodell yet, other than to point out that having been CFO for the NFL under Tagliabue, he's certainly got experience in the aspect of running the league that seems the most important to the Powers That Be these days.

I was still kind of hoping for Condi Rice to come in as a last-minute dark horse candidate. She knows and loves football, there's never been a woman commissioner, and at least then her unsuccessful tenure as Secretary of State would have ended. And let's face it: NFL commissioner is probably mostly a figurehead job anyway, right? The real power is probably, as is most places, among the "C" level executives.

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