24 August 2006

How do you build your team?

So we passed on Duckett (and Lelie) and now everyone's singing the blues.

The thing is, the 'Skins and the Eagles represent two totally different strategies for team building: AR drafts 'em young, signs 'em cheap and sees what he can get. And out of 8 years with the Eagles, that's only not worked well his first year (when he hadn't had a huge opportunity to shape the team yet) and last year (when there were MAJOR complicating factors).

The 'Skins on the other hand, give up their draft positions to sign expensive, experienced (sometimes injury-prone and attitude-problem) players. And we've all seen how well they've done under Danny Boy - last year was their first playoff appearance - at wildcard - in how long?

Short version: I'll stick with AR's approach any day.

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