25 August 2006

Eagles/Steelers Preview

It's our next to the last pre-season game. Neither team has won a pre-season game yet, and neither coach cares. Nor do I, really, since the pre-season is just about trying to sort out the roster.

I don't know about you all, but tonight I'm going to be watching for the answers to some lingering questions.

1. Is Corell Buckhalter healthy enough to make an impact this year, or are we going to lose him again in the first game?

2. Will Todd Pinkston be able to return as an impact player on the long completions, or is he too banged up and too afraid of getting hit to be useful?

3. Can Ryan Moats learn to hang on to the ball?

4. Can Reggie Brown be an effective #1 wideout?

5. Who's going to be our #2 QB?

Will they all be answered tonight? Hell, no, but we should at least get some clues.

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