18 August 2006

Eagles/Ravens Revivew

Once again, goeagles99 is doing a great job of breaking down performance by player for the game. I remain, like every other sentient Eagles fan (and some dogs), concerned about our offensive depth. Our first team kills, and then our second team GETS killed. I hate to use the R word this soon (rebuilding, that is), but I'm thinking that may be the kind of year we're in for - we have a lot of young guys with potential, and our franchise QB is still a relatively young man (he won't even be 30 until November), but we lack the offensive stars to take advantage of his skills. D-Mac and Westy can't be the entire offense, and Brown, Moats, Perry, McCants, et. al. still make a hell of a lot of rookie mistakes. Consistency people, it's all about consistency! I'm just hoping AR is pulling his usual close-to-the-vest act. He's so secretive he should look into being a spy if he ever gets tired of coaching.

Back to posting last year...and looking forward to the Steelers next week.

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