11 August 2006

Eagles/Browns Injury Report

OK, so now Reno Mahe has a concussion too. What is this: The 2006 Eagles Season, brought to you by the Institute for Blunt Trauma Head Injuries?

At least Garcia was looking a little less shaky. But I'm still hoping we haven't traded down in dumping McMahon. Anyone know how he's fairing with the Vikings to date and if he's missing Philly cheesesteaks?

Just kidding!

goeagles99 has a stellar review of how each player performed, so go read the post. I'll wait...


See? Good stuff. I don't have much to add, other than my continuing concerns about our lack of depth on offense. Our first team is really strong, but we don't have the second team to back us up if we start suffering injuries. And two concussions in two games is not an encouraging start on that count.

Next up: Eagles/Ravens Thursday, August 17

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