30 August 2006

Comings and Going

Once again, AR & co. hit me out of left field.

Pinkston gone? Sure - that was obvious the minute we signed Stallworth.

Detmer gone? Again, not hugely surprising after he got bumped to #3 last year behind Fumbles McMahon and did so poorly when he played this preseason.

But AJ Feeley? Raise your hand if you saw THAT one coming.

I'm really pretty flabbergasted. Guess AR still has a soft spot for our old #3 QB who managed to pull us into the playoffs in 2002 when both D-Mac and Detmer went down. And he didn't have a terrible year when we traded him to the Dolphins in 2004 (well, OK, other than throwing more INTs than TDs). Not that that was a bad move, of course, since it netted us Reggie Brown. And at least Feeley's familiar with the offense. Guess AR's not real happy with what Jeff Garcia and Timmy Chang have been showing him this pre-season.

As far as Pinky and Detmer are concerned, I've always had a soft spot for both of them (although Pinkston probably should have been a track star rather than a football player considering his speed and size), so all I can do is say bon voyage, and I hope you both land somewhere good.

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