26 August 2006

Cavalcade of Injury Prone Players, Part 1 Million

Stephen Davis had a try-out with the Eagles today. The same Stephen Davis who missed (or was MIA) for most of the past two seasons. Remind you of anyone? Like maybe Correll Buckhalter? Is AR calling up all the other coaches? "Say, who do you have who's broken down, suffering consistent problems with injury, and is probably on his last legs? We want him! We're trying to collect the whole set!" Hey! Maybe we can convince Joe Theismann to suit up as our #2 QB!

Yeah, we need the solution to the running back equation in a big hurry (the receiver equation, too, while we're at it), but I don't think it's another injury-prone guy in his mid-30s who's going to want big bucks.

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