25 August 2006

Bloggin' at Halftime

I was disappointed to see us unable to nab a TD, but it's always a pleasure to see Akers kick the long ones in high winds. Guy's a beast.

And speaking of beasts, Dawk always delivers.

Buckhalter's gotten some good runs and managed not to sustain a season-ending injury, so that makes me happy. Pinkston got a reception, but is it just me, or has he *lost* weight? That's not good. Dude already has to wear skis in the shower to keep from sliding down the drain.

Can we really justify a roster spot for Koy Detmer just because Akers loves him as a holder? Maybe - Akers is the freakin' golden goose.

I would've liked to see the starters play a little longer, but as Chef Spouse points out, once the Steelers start throwing in their #2 players, we have to pull our first team out so they don't get killed by the guys who are looking to move up the roster.

Some dumb penalties, which we're going to have to watch as they had a tendency to bite us in the a** last year. And poor JR Reed got freakin' leveled. I hope he's OK.

And was that Tony Kornheiser pointing out that "you don't have to be smart to win a Super Bowl"? Actually, there may be an inverse relationship. Tom Brady's hardly a brain surgeon (as The Editor has observed: "Get ball. Throw ball. Get ball. Throw ball."), and Roethlisberger rides a screamer of a crotch-rocket without a helmet.

And for those of you who haven't come around to my view on King Kaufman yet: Pluto's been demoted, but stargazers can still enjoy the fireworks between the planet-sized egos of Terrell Owens and Bill Parcells

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