12 December 2005

2005 Week 14 Recap

Eagles v. Giants, Sunday, December 11, 2005


"Hello, Akers residence, David speaking...Oh, hey Coach Reid! Listen, I just wanted to say again how sorry I am about that missed field goal. How weird was that? And that thunk sound when the ball hit the crossbar was SO LOUD! But my leg's feeling 100% again, although you probably guessed that after I put that 50 yarder through...oh, that's not why you called? How's my arm feeling? Both of my arms are just fine...Well, that's a generous offer, Coach, but I don't really think I have the experience to QB against the Rams Sunday. Plus, have you seen how short I am? I'd just throw into the O-line's backs. You're such a kidder, Coach! Nobody ever believes me when I tell them about the time you glued Dawk's locker shut with his clothes inside while he was in the whirlpool...See you at practice tomorrow morning, Coach."


"Villanova University Athletic Department, Ben speaking...Hey guys, there's some joker on the phone pretending to be Andy Reid asking what our QB is doing Sunday and is he free to go to Missouri? Ha, ha very funny, buddy."


"Jaworski residence, Ron speaking..."

By now I assume everyone knows that you weren't hallucinating - McMahon really did pull up lame at the end of Sunday's OT loss to the Giants. And the injuries keep on rolling. "Go...you...wait, who the hell IS that guy?" I swear, I have no idea who half these guys are!

Despite the 3 point loss in overtime on the heels of our only turnover of the game (why did Jay Feeley have to pick this week to get over his performance anxiety?), Joe Buck's offensive game calling ("The officials gave Moats the touchdown! The officials gave the Eagles the first down after that 23 yard completion on 2nd and 3! The officials gave Akers the game-tying field goal!"), and the even more offensive officiating (how, pray tell, could it be DEFENSIVE pass interference, when Plaxico Burress had jumped on Sheldon Brown and was holding onto his helmet with both hands?), there was a lot of good news.

First of all, Ryan Moats is fast. He's like Road Runner fast. Paris Hilton fast (but with better fashion sense). He's not big - if we put him and Westy together, they might make one smallish power back - but he's damn zippy. More good news: Reggie Brown is living up to his promise, after the dropped pass against Dallas in week 10, to catch anything that comes anywhere near him. He's got decent hands, and as his instincts and feel for the pro game get better, he's just going to improve. Our D had some great moments, too, including some great interceptions that our inexperienced offense was sadly not able to capitalize on. But with the season officially blown - there is mathematically no possible way we'll be in the postseason - this game showed us some positives for the future of this team, most of all in spirit. It would have been easy to lie down and die after the humiliating loss to the Seahawks, particularly against the team that's leading the division, but our guys, who should have been woefully overmatched, pulled it together, played a great game, and would have won if not for an unlucky bounce on a very long field goal attempt.

Around the rest of the NFL, the Redskins squeaked a win over the awful Cardinals. Hey, we get to play the Cards in a few weeks! We might actually win that game! Woo-hoo! The Cowboys also squeaked a win over the pretty good Chiefs - sorry DVerm. The Minnesota streak under Brad Johnson continues, with a win over the Rams. Those guys might actually make the playoffs, which is shocking considering how badly their season started. It's not like there’s any contest from the Packers, who finally managed to win a game against the equally bad Lions. The Bucs whupped up on the Panthers, and the Falcons did the same to the poor homeless Saints. So the NFC playoff picture is starting to look like Giants, Bears, Seahawks, and - well, the South's still up in the air, although the Bucs lead at the moment. Cowboys, Vikings, Panthers, and Falcons all have a good shot at wildcard (actually, either the Panthers or the Falcons could still win the division). On the AFC side, the Pats are leading the pathetic AFC East, and the Bengals are a few games up on the Steelers, as are the Broncos over the Chargers. The Colts' winning streak continues, and I think Christmas Eve is going to give us a preview of the Super Bowl when the Colts play the Seahawks at 4 pm.

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