07 November 2005

2005 Week 9 Recap

Week 9: Eagles at Redskins, Sunday, November 6, 2005

OK, we lost to the Redskins, putting us dead last in the NFC East. This is not a good thing. But there is a LOT of good news for the Birds this week.

First of all, the BIG big news: TO is out. Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, GOOD-BYE - and don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. It's been so widely covered that Australian aborigines have heard. The only complaint I have is that they didn't do it three months ago. Michael Wilbon actually called TO a bum in the Post this morning. OOOO - Sean Salibury did *not* just call TO "the biggest joke in team sports" on ESPN's Monday Night Countdown! Oh snap! The only commentator I've heard take TO's side is Michael Irvin, and since the two of them are BFF, he's hardly a reliable narrator. And I think he's really shot himself in the foot. He's never going to get the big contract he's wanted, because no sane owner will want to risk that, and he missed a major opportunity with McNabb to go down as one of the great QB/WR combos. Now? Arena football? NFL Europe? Selling used cars?

Moving on...it was a very mixed game. We got on the scoreboard first for the first time this season. The team actually played like a team, like they were awake, and like they cared. D-Mac was a little more mobile. David Akers was back, and during warm-ups was putting FGs through from the 50 yard line. Not from 50 yards, from the 50 yard line. That's a long way, sports fans. There was some bad, bad officiating. When even the Post sportswriters are calling foul on that Clinton Portis "catch" and the BS interference call that gave the 'Skins their first TD, you know something's up. We left points on the field again at the end of the half due to some numbskull play that the Eagles couldn't seem to figure out but the 'Skins sure did. And for the second time in as many weeks, we gave up a big INT at a critical point in the game. Wilbon had it this morning: every break in that game went for the 'Skins and against us. There's good and there's luck and you really need both. Hopefully getting rid of He Who Shall Not Be Named (anymore) will turn our mojo around.

But there's more good news: our front office decided to show the right players the money - Westy and Akers both got big deals through 2010. Frankly, Westy deserves it, and Akers will probably end up the Hall of Fame, so we would've been stupid to let him walk. And our rookie, Reggie Brown, scored his first TD in the NFL. Go Reggie!

And the best part? We were at the game with amazing loge tickets on the club level, entry to the after party, and car service. I could get used to this. We had a fantastic time. Plenty of midnight green around us, wait service at the seats, carpet underfoot and leather chairs. Sweet! So this is how the other half lives.

Around the rest of the NFL, the Jets, who are now playing their equipment manager at QB, nearly took down the Chargers. They didn't quite pull it out, but either the Jets are better than they're credited or the Chargers are worse. Hm - the Chargers start strong and lose it in the end. We forget to show up until half time. Maybe we could merge into one team? They could play the first half, then we could take over. Oooo - and then we'd have a running game!

Chiefs/Raiders was a great game too - very gutsy call on Vermeil's part. First and goal on the Oakland 1, 5 seconds on the clock, down by 3, forget the tying FG, we'll just go for the win. And the pulled it off. Vermeil could just as easily have been the goat today, but it worked out for him. Not a whole lot of win/loss surprises, but some games were a lot closer than I thought they'd be (even without Big Ben, how did the Steelers only beat the Packers by 10?).

And the big one: Colts/Pats. When this game is over, I think we'll know who's going to win Super Bowl XL. The Pats are having as tough a season as we are - they've had so many injuries, they had to get their cart an oil change. But Peyton Manning has a mental block when it comes to the Pats, particularly in Foxboro, land of You Can't Win Here, Bub. If he can clear it, this could be the Colts' year. But frankly, they're never going all the way without homefield throughout the playoffs. They need that dome. Should be a great game. Are you ready for some football?

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