04 January 2013

Walk of Shame

Before I get to talking about the playoffs, here's how I ended up this season:

Regular season picks:


That's 65% (well, 64.8% to be precise).

My two best weeks were week 17, when I went 14-2 on my picks, and week 4, when I went 13-2 and correctly picked the final score of the Eagles/Giants matchup (19-17 Eagles win, in case the stench of the rest of the season has wiped it from your memory).

Most weeks I hovered in the 9-10-11 picks correct range, but a few bad weeks (week 3, 5-11, and week 6 4-10) really killed me.

On the up side, I did better than almost all the ESPN analysts. Go me!

Things are not so rosy when it comes to my pre-season playoff picks.

In the AFC, I had the Patriots, Ravens, and Texans to win their respective divisions.

I did NOT see the Broncos coming. I had the sad-sack newly head coach-less Chargers.

For wildcard, I had the Steelers (not an unreasonable pick) and the Raiders (crackalacka pick). Did not have the Bengals. Did not believe Andrew Luck and ChuckStrong could turn the Colts around this quickly. You know the Texans are not happy about that.

So I'm a straight .500 on the AFC.

In the NFC, I had the Falcons and 49ers to win their respective divisions.

I wish I knew how to quit the Lions. Sigh.

I don't think anyone had the Skins for NFC East, nor did most of us think the Eagles were going to implode quite so spectacularly.

I did have the Packers in as a playoff team, definitely at least wildcard, possible division winner.

I also had the G-men. And again, I don't think anyone saw the Seahawks coming.

In the NFC, I'm only at .333 unless we want to grade generously and give me the Packers, in which case, I also got to .500 there.

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