30 September 2010

Sunday Schedule: Sunday, October 3, 2010

BIG week. DMac returns to the Linc for the first time as a Redskin.  Get your popcorn - and probably your asbestos underwear.

Game schedule:

1 pm: With the bye weeks starting, there's no NFC East game in the 1 pm spot. I'm inclined to go with Ravens at Steelers.
4 pm: Redskins at Eagles. CAN. NOT. WAIT.
8 pm: Bears at Giants.  Not that this won't at least potentially be a good game, but do you think the NFL suits are kicking themselves about not putting the Eagles/Skins game in the Sunday prime time spot?  I do.
MNF: Patriots at Dolphins

Menu:  Tweety Monster will be joining us and has requested shrimp etouffee (which fits in nicely with my need to start using some of the many bags of shrimp I've recently picked up at the grocery store due to good sales that are now filling my party overflow freezer and stealing valuable space from extra ice).  Bring something (New Orleans themed?) to go with.

Edited to add:  Upon reflection, we're NOT doing the etouffee this week because, looking in the fridge this morning I realized/remembered that we also have a bunch of okra we need to use up.  So we are sticking with the NOLA theme, but we're doing gumbo instead.

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