08 September 2010

Final Thoughts on the 2010 Preseason

I have come to an important realization:  it's damn hard to see preseason games. I pay a zillion dollars a year for the top-tier DirecTV Sunday Ticket package. Why can't I see my team's preseason games without having to try to catch them whenever they happen to air on NFL Replay? This year?  Caught the preseason opener against the Jaguars (recorded), caught part of the debacle against the Bengals (live), and missed the win over the Chiefs (which must've felt vaguely familiar to K2), and the loss to the Jets. Less than 50%.  Did I mention I pay an ass-load of money to DirecTV?

Moving on, OJ Simpson didn't get his Heisman yanked. Reggie Bush will. That's a travesty. At least they aren't going to post-award it to someone else.

Speaking of, the Matt Leinart (another Heisman contender in 2005) experiment seems to be officially over. He's been shipped off to the Texans to maybe not even make the 53 man roster. In other news, the Cardinals are screwed. Good luck on Dancing with the Stars, Kurt!

On to the possibility of an 18 game season:  I'm sure the owners and players love it. More money for everyone! Hooray!  The coaches must be freaking out - not only will they now have only 2 games to evaluate the rookies (not a problem for teams like the Skins that regularly trade away all their draft picks, but we had so many rookies this year, I'm pretty sure Andy Reid needed training camp AND all 4 preseason games just to learn their names), but it's hard enough to keep the key starters ambulatory through 16 games. Andy was quoted on philly.com as wishing they'd go back to 14 games (not that I can find it right now, of course).  Given the problems we've had staying healthy, I'm definitely feeling him.

Speaking of injury, Shoegal shot me a great link about the effects of injury on players over the long term.  It is sobering stuff.

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