30 January 2010

Awesome Super Bowl Stats

Emailed by blog reader Mike Fearon (and re-posted with his permission):
Since my horse is out of the race, I’m picking a team based on food ( New Orleans is much more my taste) – but in the spirit of fair play, I feel obligated to include Indianapolis . Without further delay, here are the party concepts:

New Orleans Saints

What to drink (cocktail): Sazerac
What to drink (beer): Abita Amber
What to eat: Spicy Chicken Bites
Fan faux pas: A Saints tattoo [YIKES! Somebody get that guy some teeth already!], shooting a television

Indianapolis Colts

What to drink (cocktail): Colt .45 Cocktail
What to drink (beer): Colt .45 Malt Liquor
What to eat: Hoosier "Fried" Pork Tenderloin Sliders
Fan faux pas: A horse mask

I Just Can’t Decide or I’m Rooting for the Commercials

You can turn on the Gloria Estefan, hang up a Scarface poster and chill with a Cruzan Mango Mojito all in honor of this year’s host city Miami

The stats on how people celebrate the Super Bowl are available at Mike's great web site, Book of Odds. Go check it out!


suzq said...

According to Alton Brown, Hoosier food includes fried brain sandwiches and some sort of stew called burgoo.

In honor of the Amish population (who probably won't be watching the big game) you can eat an all-fried, all beige meal.

-Queen Bee

Michael D Fearon said...

I know a certain pizza chain has a new recipe and all, but I hope that at least a few of the 1 in 7.81 adults hosting a Super Bowl party will do something other than pizza.

Pick wise: I'll take the Saints, the under in the National Anthem, tails and that Archie Manning will be shown on camera more than three times.

I hope you all enjoy the game!

Anonymous said...

We're going traditional with the menu - Tex-Mex extravaganza - lots of do-ahead dishes, satisfies meatasauruses and vegesauruses alike, and goes well with either beer or margaritas.