06 November 2008

2008 Week 10 Picks - Part 1

Hey! Did you know that Thursday football started this week?

These short weeks are brutal!

Players? Who cares about the players? They're getting paid millions of dollars. They can suck it up.

I'm talking about us bloggers. Hard to keep up, man.

I actually realized that Thursday night football started this week late this afternoon. But I got home late and, long story short, this is the first chance I've had to sit down with my picks.

So this pick post, part 1, is the Thursday night game only, since the first quarter's pretty much done now, and it's tied up.

Broncos/Browns: Hey Romeo, I don't think Derek Anderson's the problem. Unless Brady Quinn turns out to be the second coming of Donovan McNabb, the Broncos should have no trouble taking this one. Broncos.

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