20 October 2008

2008 Week 7 Recap

In attendance: Just me & Chef Spouse. And a fire in the fireplace. And yummy manhattans. And duck (yes, Shoegal, we postponed the etouffee). And football nookie. There are some advantages to the bye week, you know.

I love and hate the bye week. I love it because we're not playing and I can just kick back and enjoy the football with no stress and without the bad feelings that come from, say, kicking back and enjoying the football with no stress 'cause it's January, and my boys are out of it. I hate it because we're not playing, damn it!

Rams over Dolphins. I called it. The logic may have been suspect, but whatevs. Go me!

Bills over Chargers. Yesterday, Chef Spouse observed that the Chargers are a lot like the Eagles: tons of talent on paper, can't quite get it done on the field. How have the Chargers not won a Super Bowl? Dunno, but I can't answer that for us, either. MNF guys think Norv Turner's job may by in jeopardy. Maybe.

Panthers over Saints. Damn, I really wanted to be wrong about this one, NolaChick. Also, Reggie Bush is out for a month. Drew Brees may be the bomb-diggity, but the Saints are in a world of hurt right now. They get Marques (and loud mouth Jeremy Shockey, who still thinks he's way better than he is) back just to lose Reggie. Ow.

Steelers over Bengals. Um, of course.

Texans over Lions. Also, of course. Do the Lions and Bengals play each other at all this year? That might be the only way either team wins a game. Yes, they're that bad. Also, the Giants are, I still maintain, not all that. See below RE: the fact that they barely beat the Bengals and have hardly played a decent team yet, aside from the "wait - that was the SEASON OPENER? No way, dude!" Redskins.

Bears over Vikings. What happened to EITHER team's defense? 48-41? That's higher than most high school basketball scores! The highlights consist of one word: "Interception." Also, Kyle Orton's not looking too bad.

Giants over 49ers. Damn. Also, Monday Night Countdown just announced the Mike Nolan may lose his job TONIGHT. I just want to point out that I called that in my response to rocketman's post 2 1/2 hours ago. Only I thought they'd at least wait until the 49ers bye in a week.

Rams over Cowboys. OK, I will never stop laughing. Also, apparently, Scott Linehan was THAT bad. Also, on Monday Night Countdown, the guys have been all about "what's wrong with the Cowboys?" 13 Pro Bowlers....blahblahblah....Tony Romo...blahblahblah...Wade Phillips....blahblahblah...where's the leadership...blahblah...Oh NO HE DIN'T! Did you see Tom Jackson: "TO...Pacman...Tank..." facial expression clearly indicating that he thinks those three may just be the scum of the NFL. Sweet. Also, accurate. Also, HA! Also, I hate Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips, Tony Romo, TO, and the whole lot of them. Also, the game was broadcast locally and the Cowboys were getting spanked so thoroughly that the local affiliate switched to the Giants/49ers game in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Yes, the Cowboys sucked THAT BAD.


Titans over Chiefs. You know, I called the Titans to win the division last year. I was a little ahead of my time. Which means next year it should be all Jags! Also, apparently, Herm's another guy who's likely to lose his job. If he gets fired before the end of Monday Night Football, just remember that you heard it here first.

Raiders over the Jets. Oh. My. God. 57 yard field goal in OT. Hell of a finish, in a game that was looking to go down as a tie. Yes, they played almost 12 1/2 minutes of overtime. You know, the Monday Night Countdown guys also think Mangini could be in trouble. And maybe Vicodin Boy should've stayed retired. If he gets fired before the end of Monday Night Football (either one of them), just remember that you heard it here first.

Redskins over Browns. That was a sucktacular game. Both teams played horribly, only the Skins played a little less horribly. If you didn't watch it, be glad. Seriously. It was terrible. 14-11 makes it sound way more exciting than it actually was. Score at halftime? 0-0. Really. Ugh.

Packers over Colts. Damn. I knew I should've gone with my gut and picked the Packers. The AFC sucks this year (other than the Titans and the Bills. And yes, I include the Steelers, who lost to the 3-3 us).

Bucs over Seahawks. Jeff Garcia is seriously ageless. How is he still playing like this at 38? I'm (almost) 38, and I can't believe he can pull that shiz-nit off at this point. And he has no one to work with! He is one tough mo-fo. QB controversy? Not anymore. Of course, playing against Seneca Wallace is like getting to play the JV team. Will Jeff Garcia be Vinny Testaverde v. 2? You know it!

You know what else? The Broncos are totally going to win Monday Night Football. Which starts in about 5 minutes.


rocketman said...

I can picture the Niners front office telling Nolan: "Mike, clear out your suits, you're going home."

The pundits are talking today about how the Pats may be pretty good after all - and after totally frying them a week ago after they were hammered by the Bolts. Oh, and now the Colts are said to be in serious trouble, after being hailed as being back on track last week.

Your term "Bloviators" is spot-on.

Anonymous said...

OMG! They're the greatest team in history!

OMG! My son's Pop Warner team could beat them!

OMG! They're the greatest team in history!

OMG! My son's Pop Warner team could beat them!

Who's "them"? Whatever team the talking heads are loving/hating on at the moment....