16 September 2008


I hate the Cowboys.

(You do, too, otherwise you'd be reading this blog instead of Snarkin')

I hate them so much....

I hope they spill red wine on their new white couch.

I hope the dog barfs on their expensive carpets.

I hope they all get paper cuts and/or hangnails.

I hope their moms forget their birthdays.

I hope the drycleaner ruins their favorite shirts.

I hope they get there 5 minutes AFTER the meter reader.

I hope they all get flat tires on the way to work. In the rain.

I hope the grocery store is out of their favorite ice cream.

I hope somebody else gets the last popsicle.

I hope someone coming out of the theater tells them how the movie ends AFTER they've already bought their tickets.

That's all right - they won round one, we'll get 'em in December.

Week 2 recaps go up this evening...

1 comment:

Shoegal said...

"That's all right - they won round one, we'll get 'em in December."

Sounds like perfect timing. As they say - revenge is a dish that is best served cold.