27 August 2008

2008 Preseason: Game 4 Preview

I really don't have much to say at this point. The starters are likely to sit for the entire game - thank God, because we can't take any more preseason first team injuries! - and the coaching staff will be focusing on confirming their keep/cut decisions to get down to the 53 man roster.

I'd love to see Vicodin Boy confused about the Jets offense, and possibly throwing a few picks. Doubt I'll get to see him cry, though. That stunt's pretty much reserved for the Cowboys.

We're 2-1 preseason at this point, which I think is a first for the AR era.

I really don't care who wins this game. I'm just hoping I actually get to watch it, unlike the Eagles/Pats game.

Divisional picks, aka The Post That Bites Me In The Ass Each January, due this weekend.

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